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In the manufacturing sector, utilities mainly consist of electricity, gas, and water. All of them are the basic needs of organizations. Without having automated real-time data, staff needs to track each asset manually, which takes a significant amount of time and effort. It’s a point where asset management comes into play. It makes operations efficient and provides an accurate and deep understanding of the entire plant leading to indirect energy savings.

Why is there a need for utility asset management?

Plant maintenance & operation teams face a common challenge – limited access to information and asset data. Technologies like IoT can erase those setbacks by providing real-time access to data at a centralized location. In a time where everyday operations are getting complex, the adoption of advanced technology is a must for manufacturing units.

The manufacturing plants typically require a certain set of utilities that include:

  • Energy
    • Grid
    • DG
    • Solar
    • UPS
  • Water
  • Gas

By automated reading of various utilities, manufacturers can improve the operational efficiency& visibility of a plant. The same solution also works for critical machines like heavy machinery, HVAC, Pumps, compressors, etc.

Using IoT based cloud platform to reduce maintenance costs and eliminate equipment downtime

Collecting the asset performance data is highly crucial for manufacturing industries. IoT-powered devices make it possible! It comes with smart sensors that communicate with both equipment &centralized gateway, resulting in an insightful cloud-based centralized dashboard. Embedding these sensors and smart devices in a manufacturing facility can give machine operators detailed insights into the asset performance. It ultimately reduces the maintenance costs of equipment and provides centralized visibility of various assets across plants.

The implementation of IoT technology into the manufacturing units has eased the work of industries upto a great extent. This type of digital transformation helps in establishing smarter infrastructure. Incorporating IoT based asset management offers several benefits that include:

  • Automated reading of energy, water & gas
  • Visibility at the plant level
  • Automated anomaly detection & ticketing of various equipment across plants
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Visibility & drill-down of issues within a plant
  • Energy benchmarking across plants
  • Visibility into machine health
  • Explicit comparison of energy consumption by different sections of the plant
  • Dedicated asset maintenance

Establish an analytical approach to asset management

Manufacturers should replace the manual asset management model and implement an automated, IoT-based, and analytically precise approach. After all, it delivers real-time information on asset performance. They can manage assets effectively by implementing advanced IoT solutions. Communication devices, sensors, and other hardware can remotely track and control industrial assets.

Manufacturing units planning to maintain lower operational costs can use analytics and implement utility asset management. It optimizes the availability, performance, and quality of assets along with energy consumption.

Approach the best IoT companies in India to implement effective utility asset management

At Zenatix, the professional and expert team offers comprehensive and fully integrated IoT solutions to its customers. We manage utilities and assets of manufacturing plants via IoT. As a result, manufacturers can manage asset compliance, ensure better asset visibility, and enhance accountability up to a great extent.

To deliver better asset performance, we deploy:

  • Energy meters to monitor the incoming energy supply
  • Water meters to monitor the water supply of the plant
  • Gas meters to monitor the gas supply and consumption by the plant
  • Energy meters & temperature meters to monitor/manage critical assets

Our advanced IoT solutions enable monitoring, automation, and control of these critical assets. It allows for predictive maintenance via fault detection and diagnosis (digital ticketing workflows).

As a result, manufacturing units can derive the listed benefits from the application of our solution:

  • Overall energy efficiency & optimization of critical assets
  • Electricity safety & compliance in the entire manufacturing unit
  • Improved asset/machine health & performance
  • Efficient energy trading
  • Simplified maintenance processes & enhanced effectiveness
  • Extended lifecycle of assets
  • Tracking asset performance information in real-time as per various KPIs

It’s high time that industries should realize the power of IoT solutions in bringing efficiency to building operations. Manufacturing units should leverage an IoT-based automated utility and critical asset management.

Connect with Zenatix and implement this powerful technology with expertise. Optimizing the utility asset performance becomes easy and convenient with our IoT solutions.

Keep up with the latest IoT-based building automation, and follow us on LinkedIn!

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