Reduce your electricity cost by 15-20% and provide a comfortable and safe environment to your audience using ZenConnect

ZenConnect is a full-stack IoT-based solution for Multiplexes that helps in curbing energy losses, enhancing audience comfort, and centralized asset management.

Use Cases

Energy consumption optimization

Intelligent monitoring and control for optimizing energy consumption

Audience Comfort

Temperature and humidity compliance for comfortable ambience

Predictive Maintenance

Advanced AI/ML algorithms for predictive maintenance

Asset Management

Centralized control for managing distributed assets

Digital Ticketing System

Systematic issue closure through automated ticketing workflows

Operational Compliance

Automated switching operation of signages, temperature compliance of perishable items storage, etc.


10%-20% reduction in energy expenses

30%-35% improvement in audience comfort

25%-30% improvement in temperature compliance

20%-25% reduction in equipment breakdown

Dynamic control of assets based on varying footfall

Centralized Dashboard for monitoring and control across geographically distributed centers

Case Studies

Zenatix Multiplex case study


Learn how one of the leading multiplex operators in India achieved its energy saving goals and comfortable customer experience using ZenConnect

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