By linking a client’s physical assets to our end-to-end, state of the art and in-house developed IoT platform via a combination of hardware and software components, Zenatix is able to collect real-time data and generate insights about the assets’ daily functioning. This priceless information is then used to create an integrated infrastructure management solution for the client as per their requirements – among other things, this could include reliable remote monitoring, automated and intelligent control of physical assets, as well as their predictive and preventive maintenance.


After years of field experience in successfully deploying our own systems and iteratively developing technology that solves the connectivity challenges, Zenatix now offers key elements of their technology stack in the form of ZenBUILD solutions, to clients starting on the road towards IoT connectivity. Designed specifically to ease and expedite this journey, these solutions are customized to client requirements and comprise of one or a combination of our robust IoT connectivity components, which have been innovated and tested to prevail.

All field challenges have been addressed by bringing different hardware modules together as a single industrial grade IoT gateway, which is powered by the open source Raspberry Pi compute module and extensible to support any sensor and network communication. A wireless module, designed to support low power multi-hop wireless mesh, now serves to convert your existing unconnected device into a ‘smart’ connected one in a matter of weeks, with Zenatix providing the whole cloud stack for data and managing millions of your devices.