Zenatix is Now Part of Schneider Electric

We are delighted to announce that Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, extended its range of building solutions with Zenatix.

Zenatix is a leader in providing IoT-powered automation solutions to small and mid-sized commercial buildings, and with Schneider Electric’s global presence and synergistic technologies, we believe that together we will decarbonize the commercial buildings and make them smart, connected and energy-efficient.



Zenatix by Schneider Electric is the leading provider of IoT-powered automation and monitoring solutions for commercial buildings. Our end-to-end IoT technology employs a wireless-first and plug-and-play approach, which delivers energy efficiency, enhanced occupant comfort and improved asset management in buildings. We excel in intelligent automation and optimization of HVAC operations, asset management, indoor air quality, and other building systems.

About Zenatix by Schneider Electric

Connect and control your commercial buildings with our IoT solutions

Our State-of-the-art automation solution, ZenConnect connects a building’s key assets such as HVAC, refrigeration and lighting over the Internet to our IoT platform, and administers automated and intelligent controls. Additionally, ZenConnect automatically monitors building performance parameters such as energy, temperatures, humidity and air quality, as well as the health of assets including HVAC, refrigeration, DGs and UPS systems. All these interventions by ZenConnect deliver 10%-20% energy efficiency, improved temperature compliance, and data-driven fault detection for assets.


Energy Savings


Reduced Asset Breakdowns


Higher Compliances

Automation for small and mid-sized buildings

Geographically dispersed small and mid-sized buildings like retail outlets, quick service restaurants, supermarkets, co-working spaces, warehouses and multiplexes often face inconsistent operations, leading to high energy costs. Traditionally, automation systems for driving consistent operations haven’t been developed for small and mid-sized buildings.

Zenatix is the pioneer and leader in providing IoT-powered automation, specifically for small and mid-sized buildings. Its solution, ZenConnect, is a hardware light and software intelligent IoT solution, which automates the operation of energy-guzzling equipment across stores through its centralized IoT platform. ZenConnect drives HVAC & lighting automation, energy savings, comfort and refrigeration monitoring, and provides a quick ROI in 12-24 months. Think of it as an IoT-powered, intelligent and connected BMS for your portfolio of small and mid-sized buildings.

HVAC control and comfort management for large buildings

Majority of the existing large buildings in India don’t have a functional BMS installed today. However, the building owners and operators do have a requirement for driving automation, energy savings and comfort management for its occupants.

ZenConnect is an IoT-powered HVAC control and comfort management solution designed for large buildings such as hotels, commercial offices and hospitals. ZenConnect is a light retrofit that meets the targeted requirement of HVAC/lighting automation and real-time monitoring of energy, comfort and refrigeration across the building. Our web-based IoT platform provides centralised visibility to both monitoring and controls for your entire portfolio of buildings. Being a lightweight, targeted solution – it provides value for your investment.

A robust and scalable IoT first solution.

Why Zenatix by Schneider Electric?

We offer a robust and scalable full-stack IoT first solution. The solution consists of intelligent edge hardware, an AI-powered cloud platform, and easy-to-use user dashboards. The solution is based on wireless mesh technology, making it easier to deploy and maintain.

Hardware light and software intelligent solution

OEM Agnostic

Wireless mesh technology

Plug & Play deployment

Cost effective solution

Faster ROI

Zenatix Powering sustainable buildings
Powering Sustainable Buildings

As we move towards a more sustainable future, powering sustainable buildings is more important than ever. Buildings are responsible for 40% of global energy consumption, with HVAC being the major energy guzzler. This highlights the need for sustainable cooling in buildings.

Join us in the movement towards sustainable buildings and a greener planet. ZenConnect, our IoT-powered automation and monitoring solution is revolutionizing the way buildings operate by making them more efficient and sustainable for the future. You can monitor & control your entire portfolio of buildings remotely from a web-based dashboard that provides a comprehensive view of your energy usage and asset health.

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