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Energy efficiency through retrofits is justified but it should not be the first step. Attain operational energy efficiency through automated and intelligent controls, and round the clock automated energy monitoring. Ensure governance and comfort while managing risk.


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How it works

Zenatix’ automated energy monitoring & control product – WattMan is based on an IoT stack that enables sensing, communication, analytics and control. Wattman allows you to monitor, configure or control all your electrical devices anytime from anywhere in the world.

1 Sensing

Our team installs sensors such as smart energy meters, temperature, humidity and lux sensors.


WattMan acquires data from sensors and transmits it to a cloud server over GSM, Ethernet or WiFi.

3 Analytics

Our analytics engine generates intelligent control commands and alerts in real time.

4 Control

WattMan controls electrical devices on the ground based on commands generated by our analytics and rules engines.



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Zenatix product helped us in many ways - identifying and eliminating unintended wasteful operations, ensuring the health of the BMS system and proactively identifying the areas that need our attention thus allowing our employees a more comfortable environment. Their SaaS based engagement model is easy to adopt and doesn’t involve any capital expenditure. The savings and value generated by their solution easily offset their subscription fee.

Manish Gupta, VP and Director, Xerox Research Center India

We commissioned the project in April 2015 and in just two months we have been able to make energy savings of 5 per cent with just the low hanging fruits. For instance, Zenatix suggested starting the chiller at 7 am instead of 6 am, so the building reaches the optimal temperature just before people arrive. The best thing is they don’t suggest any retrofits but give deep insights about performance of electrical equipments and how the building reacts to them.

Gaurav Bhatnagar, National Head of Infrastructure & Facilities at NIIT

By implementing the recommendations of Zenatix’s analytics team, The Beer Cafe was able to define standard electricity usage policies for all its outlets. As a result, spending on electricity at the outlets reduced by more than 10 per cent.

Published in ‘The Week’ on August 23, 2015


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