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We spend around 90% of our time in buildings, whether it’s our workplace, leisure area, or home today. It’s time to make the buildings smarter to make our life fundamentally easier and improve our comfort. Well, intelligent buildings have the ability to fulfill our vision. How? With the power of IoT and AI technologies that can respond intuitively to our requirements and adjust automatically to our individual demands. They can transform a normal into an intelligent one!

The global intelligent building market size was $ 12,371 million in the year 2017 and is expected to reach $ 42,649 million by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 19.6% from the year 2018 to 2024. As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to penetrate the building management system, more facilities will be transforming into intelligent buildings.

Businesses from various industries are inclining toward building intelligent environments by investing in LED lighting and sensor-enabled networks. With these technologically advanced transitions, they have managed to slash lighting energy costs by 50% or more! It is just the beginning! Smart buildings have a lot to offer in the coming times.

What makes buildings “smart”?

When a building makes use of advanced wireless sensors and computer automation to analyze the operations in real-time and can adjust the power, temperature, and lighting based on real-time inputs or a predetermined schedule without compromising occupant’s comfort, it is called a smart. It is designed to gather the relevant data and feed it into a computer system and optimize the operations, including money and energy savings.

Keeping the increasing comfort demands of the audience these days, the demand for intelligent buildings is also rising. These evolving demands are understandable. It’s far better to rely on the building that can act fast to the possible discrepancies and give real-time updates to the facility managers instead of living in the one that adds to the operational cost and compromises with the user’s comfort.

The smart building in the future will have the capability to determine the percentage of the people inside at a given time and automatically adjust the WiFi connections, lighting, electricity, heat, ventilation, and air conditioning according to their comfort. From the moment people step into the intelligent building to the moment they step out, it will keep them at the center. Always!

Why does the smart building make more sense today?

The operations have become more fast-paced and proactive as compared to previous times. People want to live in buildings that operate exceptionally well! What can be better than an intelligent building?! It provides a productive and economical environment by optimizing four basic elements: structure, systems, services, and management. At the same time, it also defines the interrelationship between them. These elements cover everything: HVAC, electrical, water, elevator systems, EVERYTHING!

Considering the benefits of these advanced technologies, most buildings are set up with smart IoT remote sensors and controllers to improve their operations. Not just this, an intelligent building has a lot more to offer! Let’s explore its top utilities:

  1. Sustainable future

With the rising awareness regarding the adoption of sustainable solutions, energy efficiency plays a vital role in smart buildings. When they use energy and other vital resources economically, sustainable results are guaranteed. Ensuring this aspect is necessary for every facility today! Intelligent building prioritizes sustainable outcomes by smartly using resources. How? With the help of advanced IoT technology! It comes with self-sustaining ecosystems, enabling the buildings to function optimally.

  1. Seamless technology

The goal of the intelligent building is to just work without leaving any scope for any discrepancy. It self-manages, learns, anticipates, and adapts on its own according to the requirements of the occupants. What’s the best part? The facility managers don’t even need to intervene. They’ll get all the latest updates and know in advance if there are any equipment discrepancies.

The powerful IoT sensors embedded in intelligent buildings track and monitor the room temperatures, lighting, shading, energy, water utilization, and every other operation that has an environmental impact.

  1. Keeps occupants’ at the center

The purpose of creating a smart/intelligent building is to improve the occupant’s comfort, without unnecessary wastage of resources. It is the reason why most people prefer to live in a smart building. Today’s professionals value mobility, flexibility, and connectivity around the workplace. These buildings perfectly match their needs by delivering their expectations with advanced operations.

Invest in an intelligent building!

It is an era of digital transformation! If the facilities don’t incorporate the advanced technologies in their operations, they would lag behind and dismantle in the long run. The future lies in intelligent buildings. They offer the required operational flexibility to the facility managers. With that flexibility, businesses can collect and analyze data in new ways and from new sources in the future. As a result, they can leverage a host of applications in the ecosystem and gain a valuable return on investment (ROI) for buildings.

You must be thinking, “What kind of financial gain will I earn with intelligent building?” Well, the success of an intelligent building is not just defined by monetary gains. It’s far more complex! It requires a more robust, holistic, and full-bodied evaluation of ROI that includes energy and tax savings, improved employee productivity, and wellbeing. They are a real return on investment! You must not want to lose out on these aspects. Right?

When you invest in a smart building, you actually invest in a sustainable future and long-term benefits for your business! You may see the results real quick, but you’ll notice benefits in the coming years for sure. With the constant up-gradation and advancement of AI and IoT technologies, the possibilities for intelligent buildings in the future are endless!

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Keep up with the latest IoT-based building automation, and follow us on LinkedIn!

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