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As a building owner, you must want your facility to run at its maximum capacity. However, ensuring this goal becomes a challenge with a traditional building management system (BMS). It can’t cope with the complex discrepancies that usually arise in daily building operations such as high energy consumption, high carbon footprint, or equipment malfunction. Also, it is costly, proprietary, and difficult to upgrade. 


Retrofitting these buildings with smart IoT technology and new features offers significant opportunities for improving the overall building operations. The Internet of Things (IoT) helps in retrofitting BMS and existing building equipment. From day-to-day building management to implementing long-term energy and comfort strategies, everything becomes possible with this advanced technology. 

Role of IoT in retrofitting traditional building management systems 

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the power to transform a normal building into a smart building. It comes with powerful sensors that can detect even a minor anomaly in everyday operations. While new equipment is increasingly being built with sensors and natively connected to the IoT, it’s practical for facilities to add sensors by retrofitting existing equipment instead of completely replacing the infrastructure. 

Optimization takes place at a much more rapid scale with the application of IoT in building systems. In comparison to traditional BMS, IoT sensors cost a fraction. Pairing IoT with typical BMS helps facility managers to leverage the benefits of both technologies. This smart technology also provides valuable data on major operational units. Based on this information, they can take necessary action on time. Ensuring optimal building performance becomes possible with IoT BMS. 

The implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) in BMS is not just a choice, but an ultimate need for industries. 

Top benefits of retrofitting a BMS 

The performance of the building automation system (BAS) goes to the most efficient level with IoT. In fact, it is truly a game-changer in building management as it ensures energy efficiency and brings other vital benefits such as: 

  • Energy efficiency 

Retrofitting traditional BMS with IoT-based solutions enables facility managers to understand where, when, and how energy is consumed in the building. By utilizing this crucial information, facility managers can take responsive actions. They can also make smart automation possible. It ultimately leads to optimized energy consumption and efficiency in buildings. 

  • Low carbon emission 

A large number of fossil fuels are combusted to produce energy, which results in massive carbon emissions and the depletion of natural resources. Another benefit of retrofitting BMS with IoT has reduced energy consumption. It ultimately eliminates waste and reduces indirect carbon emissions by buildings. 

  • Remote asset management 

The wireless and cloud-based IoT technology gives centralized visibility into asset operations. Facilities can collect and analyze equipment data to better understand the functioning of a building. This information can be easily shared with other stakeholders.

Facility managers can now monitor and control assets remotely instead of being constrained to a BMS room. 

  • Better occupant comfort 

Maintaining optimal air quality, temperature, humidity, and lighting is crucial. After all, it contributes to occupant comfort and well-being. Retrofitting BMS with IoT-based solutions can take care of these critical parameters. By automating complex processes and scheduling HVAC systems, it ensures optimal occupant comfort at all times. 

  • Better ROI of assets 

IoT allows for the proactive maintenance of assets and complex equipment. It reduces the likelihood of asset failure and maintains operational efficiency in the long run. This kind of feature was not possible with traditional BMS. Merging the advanced IoT technology with typical BMS yields a higher return on equipment investment and overall cost savings for the business.  

Choose Zenatix IoT solution to retrofit your building management system (BMS) 

Traditional Building Management Systems (BMS) are proprietary, expensive, and labor-intensive to install. Zenatix advanced IoT solutions solve these issues. It acts as a gateway and links the new technology to the existing legacy BMS, taking the operational efficiency of buildings to the next level. 

Zenatix IoT solution – ZenConnect turns traditional infrastructure into a smart building, that too cost-effectively, with minimal deployment efforts, and reduced operating costs.

Don’t rely on those redundant technologies that yield no productive results for your building. Retrofit your existing building systems with IoT solutions and transform them into smart ones! Reach out to us today to know in detail about our IoT offerings or other queries. Our team will assist you from deployment to operation. 

Keep up with the latest IoT-based building automation, and follow us on LinkedIn!

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