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Commercial buildings account for more than a third of total energy consumption worldwide. They are contributing to carbon dioxide emissions on a massive scale. 21% of all energy produced globally goes towards waste energy for buildings. Replacing them with an efficient building automation system (BAS), control, and management can solve the issue.

Building automation system ensures the proactive maintenance of failing devices that improve the comfort level of occupants. Around 35% of global building automation revenue is invested in small and mid-sized buildings under 200,000 square feet. IoT looks quite similar to commercial BAS. It allows you to manage the systems as closely as you can!

What is a building automation system?

Building automation primarily refers to developing centralized, networked networks of hardware and software. It monitors and controls facility systems of a building (electricity, lighting, plumbing, fire alarms, surveillance cameras, HVAC, water supply, etc.) You can say that this technology acts as the brain of a building as it instructs the equipment on what to do.

The building automation system operates the building controls from a central hub using a logic algorithm. It manages controls as per the direct inputs and preset conditions that give rise to a smart building. You can ensure four core functions with this technology in place:

  • Controlling the building environment
  • Accessing operating systems according to occupancy and energy demand
  • Performance of monitor and correct system
  • Presence of alert or sound alarms when needed

BAS connects and automates the processes of a building. In short, it will allow your facility managers to work smart, not hard!

Why do smart buildings use IoT-based BAS?

It is technically not possible to not discuss IoT while we talk about building automation systems. Installing the motion sensors and connecting them to building systems will give you an exceptional level of freedom to manage the operations automatically. The IoT technology is so powerful that it can turn even dumb devices into smart ones. Eventually, it will reduce the workload of the essential building systems when occupants are not around.

There is a lot of data that facility managers have to monitor as there are many systems in a building running parallelly. Systems are connected as well. It is true if you are managing multiple times and you don’t have the required resources. It is the point where IoT technology comes into the picture. By smartly and efficiently enabling BAS, it makes sure that your building is operating at the maximum capacity.

What is not building automation?

Many users mistakenly confuse building automation systems with some form of smart metering or energy management software (EMS). However, they are not the same. BAS provides the facility managers with the tools to control the building but it offers no data on what’s going on in the systems. It means you still need to run frequent checks to make sure that everything is working as planned.

A potent EMS offers you in-depth analytics, real-time alerts and reports, in-software collaboration tools, and advanced customization alternatives. You can utilize this information to set an automation system in your building and efficiently run it. When it comes to BAS, you can invest in smart meters and sensors to get the most out of it. It will eventually help you to detect resource use and other relevant data in real-time. Better access to data means better resource allocation leading to efficient management of the building every single time.

How can you make BAS work for you?

It’s great if your current BAS is working well for your commercial building. Sometimes, the technology is particularly not successful and can create operational disruptions in the long run. The reasons can be many such as poor user interface, outdated systems, etc. There is a need to retrofit or upgrade such systems depending upon the challenges.

Taking the help of the prominent BAS providers will allow you to unlock its advanced features. You will be surprised to know that even the top-notch BAS in the world itself makes a difference if facility managers know how to use it. There were cases where facilities were leveraging only 20% of 80% of the system’s potential. You need to connect with the best IoT companies in India to optimize your current BAS.

The rising importance of building automation

It must be satisfying for you when you enter a room, the curtains open, the temperature turns on, and the lights turn on automatically. That’s how smart building functions. It does not just make things feasible for you but also cuts down the energy costs. BAS will not only control your building’s setting or turn lights off and on, but it will also uncover the possible inefficiencies or areas of improvement. In addition, it enables exclusive features like restricted access that make your building safe and secure. It’s better to invest in BAS as this technology will benefit you in ways such as:

  • Improved occupant comfort

BAS automatically adjusts the building temperature and lighting and allows facility managers to maintain an ideal level of comfort within the facility. By increasing comfort levels, BAS reduces occupants’ complaints and enhances worker productivity.

  • Low energy costs 

With the installation of a building automation system, facility managers can reduce overall energy consumption, utility bills, and ensure HVAC systems run more efficiently. It not only automates building systems with timers and sensors but also collects data regarding energy consumption that create opportunities for further improvements and reduces the environmental footprint. 

  • Better security

What’s the best thing about the building automation system? It can be connected to security systems to increase worker safety and peace of mind. Facility managers can use these systems to live monitor what’s happening within a building, immediately alert in case any suspicious activity takes place, and check the locking of doors at specified times.   

  • Energy-efficiency

Achieving the energy efficiency goals becomes possible when facility managers prioritize BAS over any other solutions. It offers better control of a building’s numerous systems, including heating and cooling (HVAC), electrical, security, and so on.

  • Data collection

Building data plays a crucial role in informed decision-making. BAS makes it possible! It allows facility managers to monitor and control the building systems from anywhere, anytime. They can log in to the buildings’ system data to quickly respond to the concerns before they turn more serious. What’s the end result? Instead of allowing small issues to go unnoticed and worsen over time, the building automation system allows facility managers to react to problems immediately through computer controls or technicians.

  • Improved equipment life cycle

The equipment tends to work on a much better scale if facility managers know where the real problem lies. By driving automation in the building systems, BAS helps facilities to detect equipment anomalies, leading to an improved life cycle. 

In the end, you will get a greener, more user-friendly, and less expensive building that operates way better than a regular building.

Smart building is the future of building automation system

There is a lot more to be done in Building Automation Systems. Fortunately, the application of IoT technology fulfills this motive. It not just collects the data but also changes and improves it simultaneously. The reason is that intelligent/smart buildings save more energy every day and become more effective. By analyzing the energy utility at every point and occupants’ comfort level, these buildings make the work easier.

The buildings are getting more automated with the goal of becoming economical, safe, comfortable, and energy-efficient. Using intelligent BAS is a must to be multi-functional and advanced. Do you still have doubts about this technology? Connect with Zenatix, one of the leading names in the IoT sector, and learn more about systems and technologies to make your building even more effective. We’ll bring the best IoT solutions to you.

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