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Energy can’t be saved unless we measure, understand, and eliminate inefficiencies in the building environment.

To ensure optimal energy utilization in industries, monitoring the energy consumption of an individual asset or entire building is necessary. Without energy monitoring, it’s difficult to distinguish where inefficiencies lie within the business. At this point, making use of the energy monitoring system becomes crucial.

What is an energy monitoring system?

An IoT-based energy monitoring system (EMS) collects and organizes data about their energy consumption patterns allowing them to make informed energy management decisions and maximize savings.

By offering energy conserving opportunities (ECOs), EMS improves energy utilization and reduces wastage which includes planning and management of energy consumption patterns in industries and commercial areas. It uses counters or sub-counters located on-site or in the building to gather data for every utility (electricity, heat, water, gas) and provide a complete picture of energy consumption.

IoT Based EMS has saved people up to 20% off their electricity bills. That’s the level of performance of this advanced technology. Improving the bottom line by electricity monitoring & savings becomes easy with EMS.

An intelligent EMS helps in fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) in real time. Also, it indicates what energy-saving measures need to be adopted to solve the problem. By providing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as energy consumption patterns, the intensity of energy usage, etc., it allows facilities to set energy targets.

Current issues faced by businesses

Industries face a lot of challenges while ensuring optimal energy consumption. Here are some of them:

  1. Inefficient asset usage (Air conditioning and Lighting)
  • Massive inefficiencies in energy consumption across buildings
  • Penalties due to Power Factor and demand load
  • Unused or overused equipment leads to abnormal energy consumption

2. Lack of asset maintenance

  • Scheduled or break-down maintenance of the equipment
  • Inefficient performance of old equipment
  • The list of aging assets is constantly rising in facilities
  • Lack of tracking maintenance activities

3. Lack of energy monitoring and control

  • Energy audits are done only for compliance requirements
  • Unavailability of energy consumption information to senior management in real-time
  • No centralized monitoring of overall energy consumption in buildings
  • Over-reliance on human intervention
  • All energy conservation measures are reactive

Energy Monitoring System comes as a perfect solution!

EMS has the capabilities to help industries overcome these challenges. By lowering costs, driving efficiencies, and reducing environmental impact, it enables facilities to make efficient use of energy.

Gathering energy consumption data, analyzing it, and then providing useful information directly to the client’s devices becomes way easier with EMS.

Key Features of Energy Monitoring System

EMS collects, analyzes, and compares consumption data from any energy vector from customer-specific systems in real-time. It comes with powerful features such as:

  • 24×7 Real-time energy analytics via Mobile App & Web platform
  • Remotely switch ON/OFF any machine
  • Reports all electrical conditions to a dashboard that is constantly evaluating electrical risks
  • Identifying Energy Wastage
  • Real-time energy monitoring & advance alerts
  • Unlimited customizability and adaptability to current solutions
  • Multiple parameters to analyze energy consumption
  • 15% to 20 % energy saving
  • Predictive maintenance management
  • Centrally managed system and reports
  • Green building compliant
  • Wireless IoT Solution

Benefits of the Energy Monitoring System

From energy consumption monitoring to equipment availability monitoring, it performs all the tasks efficiently.

IoT-based EMS comes with the following benefits:

  • Monitor the actual power and other energy parameters
  • Benchmark the slandered energy consumption of equipment
  • Ensures effective operation & maintenance of assets
  • Generates automatic reports and alerts of plant energy consumption
  • Meets sustainable goals and compliances
  • Monitor power factor and prevent penalties
  • Offers real-time energy insights and reduces operational costs
  • Identify unnecessary equipment operations
  • Detect abnormality in energy consumption
  • Eliminate energy inefficiencies

Tap the benefits of EMS with Zenatix’s IoT-based solutions

Zenatix IoT-based energy measurement solutions offer complete visibility of energy consumption/generation in facilities. It does not just offer detailed insights into energy consumption not only at the manufacturing unit but also at the room, line, machine, and even individual product level. Reach out to us today to get further information about this advanced technology!

Keep up with the latest IoT-based building automation, and follow us on LinkedIn!

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