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According to a recent study, Industrial production makes up just over half of all global energy use. It is estimated to grow by a similar 1.5% globally every year through the year 2035.

Every day, multiple complex activities take place in manufacturing industries. From electricity, water, energy, and gas to raw materials, every resource involved in the manufacturing process needs to be monitored to ensure optimal energy utilization, improve profitability, and reduce operational costs. 

There is a need for the industry to measure, analyze, and optimize the use of any designated resource, especially energy. An IoT-powered energy monitoring system (EMS) can make it possible. It is spreading innovation all-round the industries with its real-time applications and smart techniques that enable managers to analyze the exact energy consumption patterns within industrial premises. 

Executing the capabilities of an IoT-based energy monitoring system can help the manufacturing industry to boost its efficiency and reduce lead time. By leveraging energy consumption data, factories can make smarter decisions to accomplish these objectives and achieve operational excellence. 

What is an energy monitoring system

A smart energy monitoring system tracks and supervises the amount of energy consumed in a particular time interval. An IoT-powered solution makes it more advanced. It comes with powerful sensors and systems. Embedding them into different assets, equipment, and machines can help manufacturing operators collect consumption data and share it with a centralized platform. 

The energy consumption real-time data can be tracked for a particular machine, process, or even an entire production line. By analyzing and processing it, operators and plant managers can make intelligent decisions to ensure optimal manufacturing operations. 

These IoT-based energy monitoring systems come with the capabilities to collect, ingest, analyze, and manage data. In short, it gives the manufacturing sector the power to monitor the entire operation. 

Challenges in a Manufacturing sector 

The operations in the manufacturing sector are getting complex day by day. Today’s machinery is way more powerful and efficient today as compared to other previous ones. Considering long hours of operation, these advanced machines consume a high amount of power. 

Optimizing energy consumption in the manufacturing sector is a challenging task. It’s crucial to identify the pain points and troubleshoot high energy consumption areas. To get better clarity, we have segregated the following challenges that the manufacturing sector generally faces in energy management. 

Manufacturers face multiple challenges such as: 

Manual Utility Management

  • Manual readings from Water, Gas & Energy meters
  • Manual monitoring of UPS & DG
  • Manual data correlation for energy trading
  • Time-consuming data preparation & analysis

Lack of centralized visibility

  • Lack of visibility into energy consumption at plant & machine levels
  • Lack of visibility across plants

Anomaly detection/Asset health management

  • Too much time & effort for manual checks
  • Data captured for manual checks spread across multiple systems
  • Disruptions due to lack of real-time monitoring & alerts

Using an IoT-based energy monitoring system (EMS) for optimal energy consumption 

The Internet of Things (IoT) technologies presents a powerful solution to solve the challenges present in the manufacturing sector. With IoT, factories and workshops can monitor their real-time energy consumption and use historical data to develop patterns and trends related to its utilization. 

The energy monitoring system (EMS) encourages incremental improvements at different stages for various processes in the manufacturing industry. It leads to significant energy and cost savings for the industry. 

New-age IoT-based automation can monitor energy & utilities and will deliver the following benefits: 

  • Accurately measures energy generation, transmission, and consumption
  • Monitoring of Electricity board energy consumption
  • Identifying high DG run hours
  • Ensures real-time data extraction 
  • Offers sensor-based energy management 
  • Comes with cloud-based technology to secure energy data 
  • Offers maintenance and operational cost savings 
  • Advanced analytics for informed decision making 
  • Monitoring of Solar energy consumption
  • UPS maintenance
  • Automated reading of water consumption and its flow detection
  • Automated readings of gas flow meters
  • Monitoring power factor, Current/voltage unbalance, Machine energy consumption
  • Detecting high earthing voltage 
  • Facilitates energy efficiency improvement in factories 

ZenConnect: IoT-powered Energy & Utility Management for Manufacturing Plants


Energy monitoring systems (EMS) can transform the way the manufacturing industry utilizes energy on a day-to-day basis. Considering these benefits, it does have the capacity to cater to the modern needs of manufacturing companies. 

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Keep up with the latest IoT-based building automation, and follow us on LinkedIn!

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