Zenatix Launches In The UAE To Offer IoT Powered Energy Saving Solutions

Company aims to target the growing billion-dollar Small & Mid-sized Building Automation Market in the UAE

Dubai – March 14, 2022: Zenatix (part of the $11 billion Hero Group) that enables small & mid-sized buildings to drive energy efficiency, has announced it has expanded its operations to the UAE and Middle East region to offer organisations a robust cloud-based energy and asset management solution. Zenatix enters the geography at the perfect time with key initiatives announced by the Dubai government and corporates around climate conservation and sustainability; the UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) scheduled in Dubai in 2023 and Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050.

The Middle East Building Automation System Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.4% during 2020-2026 and gain momentum on account of the surge in the construction activities and combined with the growing focus on energy efficiency. This would require adoption of sustainable measures by diverse stakeholders to enable a future that is conducive to the environment which is well supported by the Dubai government.

According to the company, small and mid-sized infrastructures especially having multiple sites lack automation and thus face challenges with energy inefficiency and equipment maintenance. With Zenatix’s IoT powered automated solution, commercial buildings across sectors such as hospitality, restaurants, retail, supermarkets, warehouses, etc. can have automated controls, real-time visibility into their operations – helping them reduce energy consumption, alert them on any anomalies, improve operational compliance and facilitate remote asset management.

“While the large buildings market is served by traditional Building Management Systems, automation in small and mid-sized buildings is a global gap. Zenatix’ IoT powered solution is affordable, wireless, scalable and enables easy deployment by partners and system integrators. Customers get a centralized visibility into their distributed operations and are able to save 10-20% energy while reducing breakdowns through Zenatix’ AI powered predictive maintenance features. ” said Rahul Bhalla, CEO & Co-founder, Zenatix. “Zenatix has made significant investments in developing OpenThread based wireless mesh technology for both sensing and actuation, which allows plug and play deployments in existing infrastructures and provides ROI in less than 18 months. We are extremely happy to launch this solution in the UAE and the Middle East where there is increased focus on energy management and sustainability, driven both by the government and corporations.”

Zenatix’ solutions are deployed at 2,500+ sites with 50k+ connected assets generating 200M+ data points daily. The benefits to customers include up to 20% cost efficiency through energy savings and manpower savings, up to 25% improvement in comfort and food safety compliance and 30% reduction in asset breakdowns.


About Zenatix Solutions:

Zenatix is the leading provider of IoT powered energy and asset management solutions. Cofounded by alumni from IIT Delhi, IIM Ahmedabad and UCLA, the company is backed by Hero Electronix and leverages its end-to-end IoT expertise to create ‘connected infrastructures’ for organizations with goals around energy efficiency and digital transformation. Their hardware light, software intelligent and wireless solution is easy to deploy, scalable and enables automated controls and detection of anomalies in operations.

Zenatix focuses on deploying IoT powered control and monitoring solutions at small to mid-sized buildings, which are deprived of automation systems such as BMS. Automation in small to mid-sized buildings is a global white space and the market opportunity is $50Bn+ in the US alone. For more info, visit: www.zenatix.com