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Building Management Systems (BMS) have been in place for almost 3 decades, performing automa­tion of equipment in buildings. Such systems are largely wired systems, difficult to install and main­tain and very expensive for small buildings (of less than 100k sq feet). The innovation in the BMS space has been slow over these 3 decades. Over the last 5 years, several new loT technologies have emerged that have led to modular, low cost, intelligent and cloud-connected systems that can leverage large volumes of data being collected from within the buildings.

Analytics on this data helps in reducing energy consumption, provides predictive insights into asset health and also ensures that the comfort of building occupants is maintained. Watch this webinar recording to learn the new technology advances that have emerged in the loT space over the last few years and how they can help building managers take small and incremental steps in adopting these technologies enabling them to run their facility in an efficient manner.

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Organized by ISHRAE Delhi Chapter

18th June, 2021

Discover in this Webinar

Lack of innovation in the Building Management Systems(BMS) over the last three decades

How technological innovations in the IoT space are disrupting the BMS space

How IoT technology enables building managers to achieve their energy efficiency and asset management goals

About The Speaker


Co-founder and CTO

An expert in Embedded Systems, Data Acquisition/AI Algorithms and Energy Efficiency, Amarjeet is responsible for the technology and is Chief Technology Officer at Zenatix. A former IIIT Delhi Professor, Amarjeet also holds a M.S and Ph.D. from UCLA.