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A smart building uses automation to control the building’s operations such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security, etc. IoT technology has enabled smart buildings by deploying sensors (for collecting the data), actuators (for automation & controls), and gateways (for connecting these sensors and actuators to a cloud platform) and provide a centralized dashboard to easily manage the building operations. It has disrupted the legacy building offerings by offering a wireless, OEM-agnostic, hardware light & software intelligent platform driving 12-14 months return on investment (ROI).

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn why many organizations are now adopting IoT-based smart building solutions. It helps them achieve energy efficiency through intelligent automation & asset management, improve temperature and humidity compliance for occupant comfort, and reduce equipment breakdowns using predictive maintenance and automated alerts.

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Organized by Global Association For Corporate Services

22nd June, 2021

Discover in this Webinar

What is a Smart Building?

Benefits of IoT enabled automation

How IoT is disrupting the building technologies?

How is IoT driving a platform centric approach for a portfolio of buildings?

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Co-founder and CEO

Rahul is responsible for overall strategic direction as well as sales & customer relationships at Zenatix. Prior to co-founding Zenatix, he built Intellectual Property services businesses at 3 of the largest KPOs. He is an avid reader and holds a B.Tech from IIT Delhi.