ZenConnect: IoT-based energy & asset management system

In today’s fast-paced world, energy and asset management have become crucial for buildings to function efficiently. IoT-based energy and asset management systems are revolutionising the way buildings operate, making them more efficient and sustainable for the future.

Reasons behind Energy Wastage in Hotels & Ways to Conserve it

Electricity is one of the largest utility expense in the hospitality industry. Therefore, it’s important to eliminate energy wastage and make hotels as energy efficient as possible. Watch this video to learn about the causes of energy wastage in hotels and how to reduce it.

How ZenConnect enabled a leading hotel chain operator to save up to 20% on energy costs

Watch how ZenConnect enabled one of India's leading hotel operators to save up to 20% on energy costs while gaining centralized visibility into all asset operations, resulting in improved guest comfort, higher operational efficiency, and reduced asset breakdowns.

Benefits of IoT powered Automation in Manufacturing Plants

IoT-powered Energy and Utility management system for Manufacturing Plants provides centralized view of critical utility parameters (electricity, water & gas), automated ticketing system, machine benchmarking, etc. It leads to a 2-5% reduction in electricity expenses and up to a 20% reduction in asset breakdowns.

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