I recently met an old friend who is currently managing operations at one of the hospitals of a large healthcare company. One of his KPIs is to reduce his energy bill on a month-on-month basis. He told me that he knows how to do this, but he does not know how to keep a track without spending too much time.

The current practice is to track the daily/monthly energy consumption manually and compare that with the previous day/month. However, monitoring only the mains consumption is not enough as any deviation from target needs to be explained with a reason. Therefore, they have to manually collect data for all the major loads in the hospitals, put it into an excel file and then monitor the consumption for each load. Apart from energy data for these loads, they also need to collect (again mostly manual) data from other IT systems. This is required to explain the reasons behind any significant deviation from the target. For example, the energy consumed by an Operation Theatre can change significantly depending on the kind of surgery being performed there.

Since most of these tasks are performed manually, this whole exercise takes a lot of time and is prone to mistakes. This is where Zenatix Solutions can help with their state-of-the-art Energy Intelligence System.
The system allows easy set-up of benchmarks for each of the major loads. The system then automatically collects (energy data and other relevant data) and analyzes the data. The system provides a dashboard where a user can monitor the progress on an hourly/daily/monthly basis. The user can easily monitor any deviation from the target, identify load(s) causing the deviation and also the reasons behind the deviation. The daily reports are automatically generated and emailed to the management.

This is just one of the many ways (e.g, 1 and 2) that Zenatix can help better manage your electricity spend. To know more, please visit www.zenatix.com.

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