Reduce your electricity cost by 10-20% and ensure a pleasant ambience within your branch using ZenConnect

ZenConnect is an enterprise IoT solution that can be deployed across distributed Branches of banks, insurance sector, etc. It helps in curbing energy costs & maintaining a comfortable ambiance within branch premises for the best customer experience. It also enables remote asset management through a centralized cloud platform.

Use Cases

Digital workflows and Operational efficiency

Data-driven automated workflows and efficient operations

Safety and risk management

Data-driven anomaly detection for critical safety parameters

Centralized monitoring

Web based dashboards for on-the-go management for distributed assets

Predictive Maintenance and FDD

Predictive alerts to ensure higher equipment uptime


Temperature and Humidity compliance

Digital Ticketing System

Automated ticketing system for issue closures


10%-15% reduction in energy cost

25%-30% reduction in equipment breakdown

30%-60% improvement in ambient temperature compliance

AI enabled platform for predictive maintenance to avoid asset downtime and increase lifetime

Centralized Dashboard for monitoring and control across geographically distributed centers

Automated alerts in case of any hazard or abnormality identification

Zenatix Powering sustainable buildings
Powering Sustainable Buildings

As we move towards a more sustainable future, powering sustainable buildings is more important than ever. Buildings are responsible for 40% of global energy consumption, with HVAC being the major energy guzzler. This highlights the need for sustainable cooling in buildings.

Join us in the movement towards sustainable buildings and a greener planet. ZenConnect, our IoT-powered energy and asset management solution, is revolutionizing the way buildings operate by making them more efficient and sustainable for the future. You can monitor & control your entire portfolio of buildings remotely from a web-based dashboard that provides a comprehensive view of your energy usage and asset health.

Case Studies


Branch Infrastructure

Learn how one of the leading private sector banks in India having multiple branches & ATMs spread pan India achieved its sustainability goals and comfortable customer experience using ZenConnect.

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