R&D Team at Zenatix


Zenatix is looking to establish an R&D team alongside the technology team. The focus of this team will be multifold, including but not limited to doing PoCs around the following:

1. Emerging technologies that can help address much larger scale (e.g. a new time-series database)
2. New protocol interface support at the edge side – e.g. LoRA
3. Improved monitoring and security for the cloud infrastructure
4. Making edge software-hardware agnostic

What To Expect?

R&D Team At Zenatix

People in this team will first get a context of the existing technology stack in their initial period of working at Zenatix to understand the design philosophies with which the architecture is currently created. They will then work with some guidance (and much more self-exploration) on specific R&D tasks that are taken up.

Who Are We Looking For?

We are looking for people who are self-driven and are keen to understand the nuances of both the existing and the new pieces of technologies related to IoT domain. This will be an ideal position if you are someone who:

R&D Team At Zenatix - looking for

Is looking to do some state of the art work in an upcoming field like Internet of Things (IoT) for 2-3 years before pursuing higher studies from US/Europe. Several of our colleagues have gone on to pursue higher studies from the US.

R&D Team At Zenatix - looking for

Has a keen interest in technology and would like to do your own startup (or have done your own startup in the past but failed). Zenatix will provide you with a good understanding of how technology (especially those involving hardware and IoT) is scaled up and then we would love to see you own up something within Zenatix or pursue your own dreams.

Seems Like You?

Write to amarjeet.singh AT zenatix.com with subject “Exploring R&D position” expressing your interest, mentioning why you think Zenatix would be a good fit for you and I would personally take it forward with you.



Employee Testimonial 1

“At Zenatix, I was exposed to challenging problems that demanded deeper exploration. Designing and implementing POCs to verify ideas was common practice and transformed the way I looked at software development. The experience inspired me to pursue a masters degree in CS, to explore related concepts with a research oriented mindset.”

Swati Agarwal

Zenster – 2018-2021; MS in CS candidate, 2021, Northeastern University, US

Employee Testimonial 2

“I always enjoy learning new things regardless of field. The 3 years spent in the organisation has nurtured my thought process from a research point of view and thinking critically to solve any problem. Zenatix gives you a lot of opportunity to work on new things for which even the community was also not well developed.”

Tarun Malviya

Zenster – 2018-2021; PhD in Computer Engineering candidate, 2021, Northeastern University, US

Life at Zenatix

Ishan Dhar

Sr. Engineering Manager

Being a seasoned IT professional, Ishan has witnessed several technology trends. What drives him is the desire to be ahead of these trends and do his bit in transforming the world via constant technological innovations.

Manash Deka

IoT solutions lead

Being a great place to work is the difference between a good company and a great company. Let’s hear from Manash, IoT solutions lead at Zenatix about his experience & what makes Zenatix a great place to work.

Rishi Gupta

Software lead (cloud)

Let's hear from Rishi about the state-of-the-art technology developed by the company and the culture we’ve built up here, which is exactly what excites him.