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Facilities are investing in IoT technologies for smart buildings to save on energy consumption and operational expenses. Coming to a highly competent and advanced HVAC system, it can transform the way your building functions. By satisfying the demand for energy-efficient solutions, HVAC systems have managed to grow exponentially in recent times. Its global market is estimated to rise from USD 202 billion in 2020 to 277 billion by the end of the year 2025.

What is an HVAC system?

The term HVAC means Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. With this system, you can keep the building warm in the winter and cool in the summer as it filters indoor air. At the same time, it maintains the humidity levels of a building at optimal levels.

Take an instance. What if your HVAC automatically turns on or off depending upon the utility and energy consumption? It will ease your job. With a smart HVAC system, you can enable this automation in your building. IoT applications allow you to set triggers and manage your HVAC system from digital devices. There is not even a need to send commands to your unit with Wi-Fi in place.

Enable automation with the smart HVAC Technology

Initially, the focus of the HVAC system was on mechanical advancements. However, the current focus has grown towards sustainability, comfort, and energy-saving. You can enable energy savings by activating your HVAC unit when you need it. Automated homes are becoming a reality with this highly advanced technology. The HVAC unit will be attached with smart appliances and behave automatically based on climate conditions, choices, and settings.

The reality is more and more facilities are incorporating HVAC automation systems to fine-tune temperature, humidity, and airflow in various zones.

Why is the application of automated HVAC systems in facilities a must?

It’s almost impossible for any building to function efficiently without having a well-equipped and automated HVAC system in place. With time it ages, heating and cooling units tend to become less effective and depreciate. Upgrading the building with advanced heating and air conditioning units can bring enormous benefits. Let’s discuss them:

1. Save energy costs

 No matter how proactively you manage the heat and air ventilation systems of your building, you still cannot ensure efficiency. Manual jobs tend to make mistakes. Automation is the perfect solution for this. Smart HVAC systems bring the highest level of efficiency to buildings that reduce energy consumption costs.

There may be overused systems running in your building that are incurring unnecessary costs. They are not just making the functioning of your building redundant but also negatively impacting the environment. Furnaces coming today have an efficiency rating of up to 99%. It can essentially convert every last bit of energy it utilizes into heating and cooling your building. When it comes to air conditioners, modern models have an efficiency rating of up to 26 SEER and cost less than half to run as compared to older ones.

2. Offer smart controls

It’s the power of IoT sensors that have given rise to HVAC automation systems. If you are the one who wants to tap the highest energy efficiency with minimal effort, please adopt this much-needed technology. Today’s HVAC systems have smart thermostats that allow you to control and manage them through digital devices. It means you can schedule, set modes, adjust and maintain temperatures, set ideal humidity levels, optimize occupant’s comfort depending on the building requirements, and much more.

With the help of IoT sensors in HVAC systems, you can identify, diagnose, and troubleshoot issues occurring constantly. You will be able to prevent unexpected equipment breakdowns before they turn big.

3. Energy Conservation

Energy savings is not just your responsibility. It’s a matter of public interest that demands special attention. Every unit of energy wasted is creating resource scarcity for future generations. There is a need to make investments in smart HVAC systems to enable energy saving in facilities. Once you implement this technology in your building, you’ll notice a considerable amount of difference in energy consumption every month. These HVAC systems save construction space, installation time, costs, and power usage smartly. It comprises both heating and cooling in one unit. The motive of ensuring energy conservation becomes stronger with its implementation in modern facilities.

4. Provides comfort to occupants

Some sections of people still believe that enabling efficiency in the buildings means compromising their comfort. Advanced and IoT-based HVAC systems have proved this perception wrong. It’s a smart technology that brings in both energy efficiency and occupant’s comfort. The system generates even heating, maintains a constant temperature in every room, and has better humidity control. The systems automatically adapt to the building demands and provide the best level of comfort.

5. Filtered Air Flow

There’s a presence of health-affecting contaminants such as dust, pollen, dander, germs, and chemical vapor in a building. Several studies have verified that the indoor air quality is lower than outside. Installing a smart HVAC system permits you to take benefit of cleaner air. When paired with state-of-the-art filtration and powerful air purification technology, it delivers the highest quality of fresh air at all times. It not only removes allergens and virus-sized particles in your building but also other types of indoor pollutants. You can ensure the best health of the occupants.

The HVAC systems have variable speed motors that raise the static pressures in your ducts, giving you more air every time. These motors operate at energy-efficient levels. It allows you to run the air conditioning year-round by filtering the air constantly without creating a jump in the bills.

Instead of making investments in outdated technology, spend your valuable money on IoT-based HVAC automation systems.  With such technology, you can calculate the return on your building comfort investment, ensure lower energy bills, and enjoy cleaner, fresh air. It will build a win-win situation for you! Connect with Zenatix to intelligently implement smart HVAC systems in your building. We will make automation easy for you!

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