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While there is a lot of hype about Industrial 4.0 which is no doubt the future, the industrial setups still need to address the overall management of energy and utilities – power, gas and water.
The majority of the industrial plants in the country are still taking manual readings from power, water and gas meters, and don’t have enough data to drive actions for delivering efficiency.

Zenatix’ IoT technology addresses this challenge by completely automating the data collection in real-time and identifying anomalies in these utilities related operations. The addressal of these anomalies brings significant efficiencies on the cost of utilities.

Watch this webinar to learn about the various benefits of IoT based energy and utilities management solution in the manufacturing industry.

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Organized by Zenatix

2nd March, 2022

Discover in this Webinar

Issues faced by industrial plant heads and maintenance heads

How IoT can create visibility across plants on a single platform?

How IoT can automate the process of data collection?

How IoT can provide automated anomaly detection?

About the Speaker


Co-founder and CEO, Zenatix Solutions

Rahul is responsible for overall strategic direction as well as sales & customer relationships at Zenatix. Prior to co-founding Zenatix, he built Intellectual Property services businesses at 3 of the largest KPOs. He is an avid reader and holds a B.Tech from IIT Delhi.