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Hoteliers often face challenges in gaining centralized visibility of energy consumption, comfort compliances & equipment breakdowns across their properties. Due to this, they are also unable to optimize energy consumption and reduce asset breakdowns. IoT based energy & asset management solutions enable centralized visibility and deliver maximum guest comfort with minimal energy consumption and reduced asset breakdowns.

Hotelivate and Zenatix jointly organized a webinar on “IoT Powered Energy & Asset Management in Hotels”. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how IoT is disrupting the traditional Building Management Systems (BMS) and providing data-driven visibility, automated controls and monitoring in a wireless and cost-efficient manner. IoT powered solutions provide a highly efficient ROI of less than 15 months through energy efficiency and reduced asset maintenance costs.

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Organized by Zenatix

27th April, 2022

Discover in this Webinar

Challenges faced by hoteliers

How IoT is disrupting the traditional BMS?

IoT use cases in Hotels

Case study on how a large hotel owner is leveraging IoT

About the Speaker


Co-founder and CEO, Zenatix Solutions

Rahul is the Co-Founder & CEO at Zenatix. He along with his 2 other IIT Delhi batch mates (co-founders of Zenatix) envisioned the rise of IoT & AI early on and went after solving for energy efficiency & automation in small and medium buildings. Over the last 8+ years, he has been instrumental in defining the strategy and direction of the company. He also leads the sales, business development efforts and customer relationships for the company.