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Watch this webinar recording to understand the challenges faced by large and small-sized buildings. On one hand, BMS is not designed for small buildings while on the other hand, large buildings have legacy non-connected BMS deployments with a lot of challenges.  Dr. Amartjeet Singh, CTO, Zenatix explains how both formats of infrastructure provide new opportunities for digitization. The legacy BMS doesn’t solve the automation problem completely and is not very cost-efficient.

IoT is disrupting the building technologies by offering a wireless, OEM-agnostic, hardware light & software intelligent platform. It delivers ROI in 12-14 months. There are three key IoT technologies that are powering the new age digital infrastructures – namely battery-powered wireless mesh sensors (that allow for plug and play deployment), open and extensible edge gateway (allowing for intelligent edge computations) and smart wireless control nodes.

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Organized by Unissu

10th April, 2020

Discover in this Webinar

Challenges faced by large and small buildings

Three key IoT technologies that are powering the new age digital infrastructures

Interesting methodology whereby a building occupant/operator can incrementally decide to digitize their infrastructure

About The Speaker


Co-founder and CTO

An expert in Embedded Systems, Data Acquisition/AI Algorithms and Energy Efficiency, Amarjeet is responsible for the technology and is Chief Technology Officer at Zenatix. A former IIIT Delhi Professor, Amarjeet also holds a M.S and Ph.D. from UCLA.