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The idea of coworking spaces has been well-received in India. According to a study by JLL, there are around 325 coworking operators in India. The key drivers for the growth of this sector are reduced costs, no CAPEX, modern infrastructure, and increased flexibility. The industry goes by many names – shared workplaces, on-demand workspaces, or peer spaces—but they all share certain commonalities. If you run a coworking space, there are some standard building operational issues that you should address to make your coworking space as desirable as possible for your tenants.

1. Lack of Energy Monitoring across the coworking building portfolio

As a coworking business owner/manager, you face the challenge of having visibility into energy consumption across the building portfolio. You might have no visibility into the energy consumption of energy guzzlers in your facilities.


To help you overcome this challenge, you can use an IoT-powered building automation for coworking spaces. It can help you track energy usage across equipment and building portfolios. It will aid you in identifying areas of increased electricity consumption and taking appropriate corrective action.

2. Lack of Centralized visibility across the coworking building portfolio

You must be facing a challenge to get a centralized visibility across properties about the important building metrics like Energy, Co2, Temperature & Humidity and monitor them remotely.


You can implement IoT-powered building automation for coworking and install various sensors across the building equipment (for example, energy meters, gas sensors, co2 sensors, temp & humidity, AQI, etc.). It will provide you with the requisite readings on a web-based dashboard to get actionable insights.

3. Poor Customer comfort

Indoor air quality, HVAC cooling, and ambient conditions of various places within the coworking facility will vary as per the occupancy of that particular area. It will impact the occupants’ comfort and may result in unhappy customers and, eventually, permanent churn.


To maintain the ideal environment of a building, you can install an IoT based building management solution like ZenConnect which includes temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors as a part of the solution. The data collected from these sensors will be transmitted to the centralized dashboard where it’s analyzed, and automatically generated tickets will be displayed on the dashboard. These tickets can be resolved by maintenance team, which results in perfect ambient conditions and happy customers.

4. Manual Asset Management

Most of the time, building owners use the traditional techniques to manually note down the readings of energy meters, temperature & humidity level across various parts of the building in a excel file or notebook. This data piles up, without any actionable insights. It doesn’t create any value to the building owner.


ZenConnect, A new-age IoT-based building management solutions can help your team automate the manual process of taking reading manually. The entire data is saved on the cloud and actionable insights are provided in real-time via alerts and tickets, which your maintenance team can resolve. This will eventually result in low downtime and better asset life.

5. Increased competition & Customer Churn

As more and more players start their own coworking facilities, there’s cut-throat competition among all to attract customers. At the same time, there is an increased risk of customer churn due to uncomfortable ambient conditions and bad experiences.


With increasing competition and a need for innovation, coworking spaces in India are adopting the Internet of Things (IoT) powered building automation to create a better customer experience.


With everything said and discussed above, one thing is sure: coworking space providers should invest in an IoT-based building automation solution for their portfolio of buildings to save energy and operational costs. ZenConnect is an IoT-based energy and asset management solution for Coworking space providers, which can help them optimize energy costs and manage building assets remotely.

Keep up with the latest IoT-based building automation, and follow us on LinkedIn!

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