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Building Management Systems (BMS) have been in place for almost three decades, performing automa¬≠tion of equipment in buildings. However, they haven’t kept pace with the innovation that has been happening in this space over the years. Over the last few years, several new loT technologies have emerged, leading to modular, low cost, intelligent and cloud-connected systems that can leverage large volumes of data collected from within the buildings. It delivers next-generation automation in analytics powered, wireless, and cost-effective manner.

Beyond being technologically advanced, IoT powered automation opens new opportunities from a business development perspective. IoT powered wireless connectivity, enables the building operators to deploy the automation in a staged manner, doing investments in smaller instalments and first reaping the benefits from these investments before deciding to do further investments. Retrofitting such automation in an already operational building is also very easy, further allowing the decision of automation to be taken in stages rather than the whole investment being done upfront. With cloud connectivity, new business models are emerging allowing the vendors to deeply engage with the customer, giving greater value and also enabling a sustained recurring revenue stream from the customer too.

Watch this webinar to learn more about the difference between Building Management System (BMS) & new age IoT-based automation.

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Organized by ISHRAE HQ

18th January, 2022

Discover in this Webinar

Why is the building automation penetration low in India?

Benefits of IoT over BMS

Key architectural differences between BMS & IoT

Is there any security threats in IoT automation?

About the Speakers


Independent Consultant (HVAC energy & controls)

Prabhat is an HVAC expert with over 40+ years of experience in the HVAC industry including design, project execution and commissioning of HVAC systems and associated control systems. He has done B.Tech(Hons) from IIT Kharagpur and CCN 1&2 from Carrier Bynum Institute, USA. He is a visiting faculty at ISHRAE Institute of Excellence, Delhi.


Co-founder and CTO, Zenatix Solutions

Amarjeet is the Co-Founder & CTO at Zenatix. He is an expert in Embedded Systems, Data Acquisition/AI Algorithms & Energy Efficiency. He has completed his M.S. & Ph.D. from UCLA & his B.Tech. from IIT Delhi. He is also an Ex-IIIT Delhi professor.