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It goes without saying that food is essential for survival. According to recent reports, the amount of food consumed in the United Arab Emirates in 2019 totaled 7.9 million metric tonnes. It is in high demand not only in the UAE, but also in other countries. Food imports in the UAE account for between 85 and 90 percent of total food consumption each year due to extreme scarcity of water and agricultural resources. It is critical that perishable and fresh food be kept at the recommended safe temperature in their major suppliers, supermarkets and hypermarkets. New-age IoT solutions have enabled automated real-time temperature monitoring to maintain the desired temperature of perishable food items in cold rooms, freezers and chillers.

Challenges for storing perishable food in Supermarkets and Hypermarkets

Supermarkets and hypermarkets must strictly maintain the desired temperature in their cold storages, freezers, and refrigerators, which necessitates constant monitoring to ensure food quality and freshness.. For constant surveillance, round-the-clock employee attention would be required to note down temperatures at multiple periods and keep track of the same. Using this data to analyze trends and prepare reports would be a challenge in itself. Even after such a rigorous process, the result would be prone to human error. Failure to comply with the desired temperature would degrade perishable food quality and lead to a huge amount of wastage. As per such an approach, monitoring and compliance across multiple markets spread geographically all over the country would be impossible to perform and rely upon.

IoT-based Automated Solution- The next big thing!

IoT-based automation enables multiple building assets and areas to digitally connect with a centralized gateway using wireless sensors and actuators, empowering the Supermarket and Hypermarket Managers to monitor and manage operations of their store or multiple stores efficiently at ease from anywhere in the world. It allows recording and analyzing data as per the desired perspective using AI/ML algorithms through a centralized cloud platform.

Thoroughly monitored and controlled Supermarkets and Hypermarkets would help in temperature monitoring at cold storage, freezers, and refrigerators, which would reduce food wastage and maintain a healthy environment for safely preserving the food until sold.

IoT based temperature monitoring

Benefits delivered by ZenConnect – IoT based temperature monitoring for cold rooms, freezers & chillers

1. Ensures compliance with food safety standards

Zenconnect sets up wireless sensors inside the cold rooms and freezers that consistently monitor the temperature at which the food is stored to make sure it is as per the standards set by the Food Safety Standards set by the government. Ensuring such compliance helps to maintain the food’s freshness and nutritional value.

2. Avoids Food Spoilage

Due to 24*7 monitoring, the food is stored at the correct temperature. This keeps the food fresh for as long as possible. When kept in adequate conditions, the food does not get spoiled at all and prevents supermarkets and hypermarkets from committing the crime of food wastage and spoilage.

3. Automated control

After receiving the gathered data from the sensors, the facilitator can set up automated operations as per sensors or schedule to ensure compliance at refrigeration facilities without manual interference. This would enable appropriate conditions efficiently and automatically. The Dashboard allows setting up the controls remotely across various locations.

4. Digitalized and Centralized workflow

Automated and constant data extraction using sensors and meters saves human efforts and provides accurate readings. The Dashboard displays such statistics using charts and reports by applying AI/ML algorithms. Data related to Supermarkets and hypermarkets at different locations can be viewed and analyzed from any remote location.

5. Automated Ticketing System

In case a cold storage room cannot comply with the standard temperature for any reason, an alert or a maintenance ticket pops up automatically at the Dashboard, which allows the facilitator to take the necessary actions.

Temperature monitoring is the key to compliance!

For supermarkets and hypermarkets, a constant temperature monitoring process at their refrigeration system is the foundation of good food safety. Ambient monitoring provides vital information about the stability of temperature, humidity, and oxygen in cold storage rooms. This can be a good way to check or compare the cooling performance between fridges or cold rooms. The comprehensive solution by Zenatix with endless benefits can simplify the process to maintain compliance requirements.

Zenatix offers IoT based energy & asset management solution for built infrastructures (e.g. retail stores, hotels, warehouses, pharmacies, clinics etc.). The solution helps in monitoring & automation from a central/distributed location(s). The consequent benefits delivered by the solution includes optimized energy consumption, maintenance of environment compliances, predictive management of asset health etc. The solution is based on Google’s OpenThread mesh technology and is equipment OEM agnostic. It is a cloud-hosted application with easy to deploy (plug & play) edge hardware. It can be remotely maintained & provides a quick ROI in a timeframe of up to 18 months.

We have been serving our customers across the Middle East region in association with our local partners. If you need IoT based energy & asset management solution for your built infrastructures, please submit your inquiry at this link.

Keep up with the latest IoT-based building automation, and follow us on LinkedIn!

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