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The concept of energy data analytics is not new. It’s been there in the industries for quite a long time. Some facilities are already leveraging energy data analytics to optimize their processes and improve their smart grids. With rising energy consumption and resource utilization in buildings, the demand for advanced energy analytics is growing further. It plays a good role in intelligent energy management. At the same time, it offers energy efficiency and minimizes the risk of operational discrepancies, leading to optimized results for the end-users.

There is a close connection between effective energy management and advanced data analytics. In this blog, you will get all the relevant insights into it.

Digitizing the building operations with advanced energy data analytics

Businesses need to make transformative decisions if they want to optimize their building operations. Investment in advanced energy data analytics surely comes on the list. It focuses on projecting future trends and provides the needed insights into the building systems consuming a high level of energy. Also, it enables users to take meaningful action for optimized results and bring in the desired level of energy efficiency.

Smart energy analytics technology can digitize and level up the operational success of businesses. Whether it’s about managing voltage quality, energy and power balance, ground fault and interruptions, substation surveillance, or demand response, facility managers can handle it all!

How does energy data analytics help in smart energy consumption in buildings?

Ensuring environmental concerns is necessary! It doesn’t matter which sector you belong to, you need to stay compliant with the protocols. Energy resources are precious and need to be saved at any cost. Well, advanced analytics can fulfill these motives by bringing in advancements in business processes. The aim of achieving “smart energy consumption” is possible with this technology.

The rising energy costs and changing technologies are real challenges that most facilities face nowadays. Guess what? Energy data analytics can help them deal with it! Want to know how? Let’s understand:

1. Upgrades the building infrastructure in reduced costs

Taking advantage of the latest technological developments and upgrading an existing building is no easy task. It demands a million-dollar investment if taken on a large scale. You are also the one who wants to improve the operational efficiency of your facility? Advanced data analytics can help you do that! It helps you overcome the challenges of peak energy demand, blackouts, power surges, etc. What is the best part? You can ensure these motives without putting in much effort, time, and cost.

You surely want to upgrade the level of infrastructure by making efficient use of current assets at a lesser cost, right? Make use of advanced energy data analytics. Next time, operators will have an easier time managing the demand and supply of energy!

2. Ensures predictive maintenance for optimized energy consumption

Faulty systems do more damage and contribute to increased energy consumption in buildings. It’s crucial to identify those depreciating and faulty systems and take immediate action to fix them. Unfortunately, most users are still not able to track and monitor the functioning of their equipment. As a result, they have to bear unnecessary energy costs and put in extra efforts to identify the present discrepancies.

What if they are able to access the energy data and make proactive decisions for optimized energy consumption in equipment? Advanced energy analytics works exactly in this way! It helps industries to ensure predictive maintenance that improves the lifespan and efficiency of the equipment.

With analytics, facility managers can have access to full-time energy data. How? The installation of IoT-based sensors in the building gives real-time information to the users, allowing them to take action before the problem turns big. It ultimately leads to optimized energy consumption.

3. Delivers efficient asset performance in minimal investment

How building assets perform also leaves a significant impact on overall building energy consumption. It’s necessary to track asset performance in order to optimize the energy utility. Smart technology like sensors, advanced metering, and DERs with data analytics allow facility to capture thousands of data points. It provides facility managers with valuable information and makes viable decisions for better energy results. The maintenance of assets becomes way easier this way.

Driving efficient asset performance at a reduced cost is now possible – the best thing about energy data analytics! Ensure occupant’s comfort and make effective use of energy by putting less pressure on assets.

4. Efficient monitoring of building systems with minimal effort

The overall energy consumption of a building will be automatically reduced up to a considerable extent if facilities ensure efficient operational monitoring. That’s the point where energy analytics play a massive part. It monitors even the minor aspect of the building operations or how it affects the health of the occupants and stores the data in the central systems of the building. Based on the gathered information, managers can take needed action and work collectively to maintain the optimized building operations & correct equipment discrepancies. They can make sure there is no scope left for any setback.

Future lies in the data-driven actions

Digitalization and energy data analytics helped industries optimize their processes and encouraged them to reflect on their actions. It helps facilities make the most out of their current power consumption to ensure smarter energy management. What are the end results? A well-operated energy infrastructure, optimized building operations, and low energy costs. Energy data analytics paves the way for these outcomes. It’s better to implement it on time to adapt to the latest changes real quick!

Want to use advanced energy data analytics to bring the efficiency of your building operations? Zenatix can ensure these motives with its advanced and powerful IoT solutions. Come and be a part of the digital transformation that can truly transform the way your building functions. Reach out to us today in case of further queries or to know more about our IoT offerings.

Keep up with the latest IoT-based building automation, and follow us on LinkedIn!

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