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ZenConnect is a state-of-the-art hardware-light and software-intelligent solution that consists of an AI-powered cloud platform and configurable dashboards. The solution is based on wireless mesh technology, making it easier to deploy & maintain and provide quick ROI in 12-14 months. Based on AI/ML algorithms, the solution can predict the breakdown of critical assets & equipment. It addresses issues such as high energy costs, unexpected equipment failures, temperature and humidity compliances, lack of visibility into energy consumption, electrical/equipment safety, and so on.

The solution includes deploying gateway controllers, energy meters, wireless sensors, etc., at various levels and on mission-critical equipment, creating a central IoT platform for all properties for the user.

The scope of the solution ranged from monitoring energy consumption, ambient environment parameters, food safety compliances, to automating critical equipment operations for reduced manual efforts & errors and enhanced energy efficiency.

ZenConnect allowed the stakeholders to track all the critical parameters & operations included in the scope of the solution via a personalized dashboard. It presented actionable insights & alerts which led to:

1. Improvement in power factor

It’s critical to keep the power factor close to 1 in order to optimize energy consumption. A lower power factor leads to inefficiencies and losses. Before the IoT interventions, the average power factor maintained at the store was below the ideal range. After the intervention, ZenConnect’s real-time ticketing system alerted whenever the power factor went out of range and corrective actions were taken to resolve the issues.

Real time power factor monitoring by ZenConnect

2. Rectification of voltage imbalances

High Voltage affects the asset health and its service life. Maintaining safe voltage levels (216V-250V) is critical for the assets’ health. In this case, high voltage was observed across the Y phase throughout the day. Alerts were sent to the maintenance team via email & SMS. Furthermore, tickets were created on the web-based dashboards to track the issue.

real time electrical health monitoring by ZenConnect

3. Achieved better food safety compliance

Maintaining an ideal temperature throughout the day is essential for maintaining food quality and avoiding wastage. ZenConnect continuously monitors and records temperature data from all refrigeration equipment and displays it on the cloud-based dashboard. The maintenance team received automated alerts about the abnormalities in the refrigeration equipment.

IoT powered real time refrigeration monitoring

IoT powered fault detection and diagnosis

4. Achieved higher occupant comfort

Indoor environmental factors such as air quality, temperature, and humidity all contribute to occupant comfort and well-being. ZenConnect allowed real-time monitoring of all the sections of the retail store to maintain an ideal ambient environment for visitors.

IoT powered real time temperature monitoring

5. Enhanced asset health & lifespan

Unmonitored long operating hours can put unnecessary load on the asset or equipment, endangering its health and longevity. Therefore, all mission critical assets must be properly monitored. ZenConnect automatically records all the necessary operational data and displays it on the dashboard for the appropriate stakeholders to see and act on.

IoT powered predictive maintenance & automated alerts

ZenConnect helped the retailer in optimizing energy consumption, ensuring temperature compliance & asset health, and facilitating digital workflows. The IoT interventions resulted in a 13.8% reduction in electricity costs.

Energy savings by ZenConnect

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Keep up with the latest IoT-based building automation, and follow us on LinkedIn!

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