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Indian hospitality sector falls within the spectrum of travel and tourism contributing between 8-9% towards India’s GDP. Ensuring optimized operations is a matter of significant importance! Now, hotels, cruise ships, resorts, restaurants, and casinos are looking forward to gathering customer data to automate processes and deliver a better guest experience. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) automation can transform the hospitality industry. It help hotels increase their operational efficiency across all levels to enhance the guest experience. According to a 2019 Internet of Things survey from PwC, around 70% of hospitality executives report that they have active IoT projects. 

Why is IoT the need of the hour for the hospitality industry? 

Based on 2019 IoT survey findings in the hospitality industry, PWC offered some of the

following tips for hotels:

  • Anticipate guest needs: Hospitality executives said that equipping hotel rooms and other areas with IoT devices can enhance the guest experience. 53% of them are already doing it already, while another 33% plan to do so in the next two years. 
  • Save energy and maintenance headaches: IoT can help reduce energy costs in several ways. Smart heating systems and occupancy sensors can maintain a consistent room temperature and turn things off when no one is there. 
  • Manage crowds: Biometric-based technologies like facial recognition, queue management algorithms, and predictive analytics can streamline registration and entry into events. In this way, managing crowds becomes easy! 

The Internet of Things (IoT) building automation comes with embedded sensors, actuators and other devices that collect and transmit real-time data about their usage and environment. From maintaining ambient environment to automating building operations, it can do everything! 

Role of IoT in changing hospitality industry 

Combining IoT with powerful technologies gives a new paradigm in the hospitality industry. Here’s how it transforms the hospitality industry: 

  1. Energy Management through centralized monitoring and controls
  2. AI-based Fault Detection & Diagnosis (FDD) & predictive maintenance
  3. Temperature, Humidity & AQI (Air Quality Index) monitoring
  4. Digital Ticketing workflows with real-time notifications
  5. Data-driven anomaly detection for critical safety parameters
  6. HVAC Optimization

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Benefits of IoT-powered building automation in the hospitality

There’s no doubt that the Internet of Things (IoT) changes the way how hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other leisure service providers interact with their customers. Bringing automation to everyday operations and gathering valuable customer data becomes possible with IoT.

Leveraging IoT technology can bring potential benefits to the hospitality industry in numerous ways. Here are some of them: 

  • Improve guest experience

Businesses have to meet up to customer expectations by providing them with top-notch amenities and flawless services. The pressure gets a bit higher for the hospitality industry. IoT is an advanced technology that helps them to deliver satisfactory customer experiences that set them apart from the competition.  

  • An AI-enabled platform for predictive maintenance of assets  

Avoiding asset downtime and increasing its lifetime becomes way easy with the Internet of Things (IoT). It gives rise to data-driven asset management where guest services staff can use IoT devices for asset tracking. This information streamlines housekeeping procedures and gives hotels an idea of equipment availability.

  • Centralized dashboard and remote asset management 

In this high-paced environment, the hotel industry desperately needs IoT-based automation. After all, it enables multiple physical devices to digitally connect using wireless sensors and actuators, empowering the facility manager to monitor and manage operations of large infrastructures efficiently with ease remotely. 

IoT even allows recording and analyzing data as per the desired perspective using AI/ML algorithms through a centralized cloud platform. In this way, hotels can provide a high-quality service, maximize occupant comfort and minimize expenses in this lucrative industry. 

Here are some of the facts that state the relevance of IoT in the hospitality industry: 

Benefits of IoT in hospitality industry

Photo credit: PwC

These facts indicate the vitality of IoT in the hospitality sector. The earlier the facilities adopt these smart solutions, the earlier they will be able to serve their customer better.  

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Keep up with the latest IoT-based building automation, and follow us on LinkedIn!

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