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By 2050, U.S. Energy Information Administration predicts 50% increase in global energy usage, with Asia leading the way.  A lot of businesses are dealing with issues like high energy usage and long-term sustainability. They may now save energy by adopting smart IoT solutions in their buildings, thanks to Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

A full-stack IoT automation solution can connect all of the building’s equipment (HVAC, lighting systems, exhaust, incomer, UPS etc.) to a single cloud-based platform and can automate/monitor it to save energy. IoT delivers hardware light and software intelligent solutions with a quick ROI of 12-18 months. IoT solutions use wireless connectivity making them easy to deploy and maintain ( e.g. Google’s OpenThread mesh technology). AI/ML algorithms can automatically detect and log anomalies in a building and ensure timely closures of all faults. Lack of such a system often leads to higher energy cost, operational inefficiency, low occupant comfort, lack of compliance, equipment breakdowns etc.

Watch this webinar to learn how Zenatix’ IoT based automation solution is enabling energy efficiency and providing quick ROI for businesses.

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Organized by Zenatix

29th July, 2021

Discover in this Webinar

How IoT is enabling lightweight and cost-effective automation

Wireless and easy to deploy technology

AI/ML approaches for driving predictive maintenance and Fault Detection & Diagnosis

Platform centric approach for enterprise customers

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Co-founder and CEO

Rahul is responsible for overall strategic direction as well as sales & customer relationships at Zenatix. Prior to co-founding Zenatix, he built Intellectual Property services businesses at 3 of the largest KPOs. He is an avid reader and holds a B.Tech from IIT Delhi.