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The global retail market is expected to grow up to $22 trillion in 2021. There are numerous opportunities for retailers to increase their profitability by leveraging IoT technologies, especially in-store infrastructure. IoT platforms have the potential to help retail stores reduce their energy cost by up to 20%.

IoT is driving energy savings in retail, with connected devices and smart controls demonstrating measurable energy savings and quick ROI. Energy efficiency is an important element of retailer profitability strategies, and IoT has emerged as a key technology for driving such improvements.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about various energy-saving IoT use cases in retail and how it is transforming retail operations.

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Organized by Zenatix

14th October, 2021

Discover in this Webinar

IoT driven automation in retail store infrastructure

Measurable energy savings and demonstrating quick-ROI for retail stores

IoT driven single connected platforms for retail stores

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Co-founder and CEO, Zenatix Solutions

Rahul is responsible for overall strategic direction as well as sales & customer relationships at Zenatix. Prior to co-founding Zenatix, he built Intellectual Property services businesses at 3 of the largest KPOs. He is an avid reader and holds a B.Tech from IIT Delhi.