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‘Net Zero emission’ means that any emissions are balanced by absorbing an equivalent amount from the atmosphere. In order to meet the 1.5°C global warming target in the Paris Agreement, global carbon emissions should reach net zero around mid-century.

Need to emphasize on Net Zero emission and energy efficiency solutions

Let’s understand the criticality of the situation. In 2019, Secretary-General, United Nations exclaimed there are just 11 years left to save our mother earth from irreversible damage from hazardous emissions and environmental degradation. There is a need to address this global emergency with ambition and urgency. No one has the right to harm the environment, each one has a responsibility to protect it. Net Zero emission is the path we need to plan our journey by attaining energy efficiency.

Climate Change is primarily driven by human activities, particularly fossil fuel burning for power generation, which increases greenhouse gas levels in Earth’s atmosphere. Industrialization around the world is making humans completely dependent on machines. Machines need power to work and generating power requires burning fossil fuels which emit those harmful gases and heat. While we cannot compromise on technology advancement or upgradation of machines, we must make equivalent (or even more) efforts towards establishing energy efficiency to promote sustainable development.

Commercial Buildings – major energy consumers

The buildings and buildings construction sectors combined are responsible for over one-third of global final energy consumption and nearly 40% of total direct and indirect CO2 emissions.

Businesses around us require consume high power to run their buildings and infrastructures. To provide electricity to these building structures, large amounts of fossil fuels are burnt causing a large chunk of hazardous direct carbon emissions. Commercial buildings like offices, small and large retail stores, hotels, cinema halls, etc. consume almost half of all the electricity. Manufacturing and production sectors majorly emit greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. Such emissions are the leading cause of the greatest threat to the environment- Global Warming. Such phenomenon caused by human activities leaves a great impact on human health. Collectively, these life-threatening effects will lead to the destruction of the environment. Only adopting an energy-efficient solution to minimize these emissions can save us.

Initiatives by global bodies towards achieving Net Zero emissions

The Core objective ratified by COP after adopting Paris Agreement is- Net Zero emissions. This movement is a measure to remove man-made greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere. Nations are promoting Carbon Dioxide Removal and reducing CO2 budgets to make our atmosphere carbon neutral. As per the COP26, Parties established a work programme to limit the rise in the average temperature to 1.5 degrees by strengthening their emission reductions to align their national climate action pledges with the Paris Agreement.

The United Nations Secretariat adopted a new 10-year Climate Action Plan aimed at transforming its operations to achieve a 45 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The International Union for Conservation of Nature aims to achieve a balance between anthropogenic emissions by sources and removals by sinks of greenhouse gases in the second half of the century.

While various worldwide organisations are actively working towards controlling the depletion of resources, we must leave no stone unturned to contribute to the noble effort by attaining energy efficiency.

IoT-based automation by Zenatix comes to the rescue!

The IoT technology is proving to be a huge boon for the clean, green, sustainability sector and, consequently, the environment. It enables all power-consuming devices at a particular site or at different locations around the country to connect digitally and helps facility controllers to constantly monitor their consumption and operations. It provides 360-degree visibility of power consumption at various desired periods and locations. Visibility enables savings. It is necessary to have information and control over consumption to restrict it. The AI-enabled cloud platform delivers actionable insights making manual interventions efficient. Having a firm grip over all the assets will transform the traditional power-consuming structures into energy-efficient buildings. Such a solution will let businesses fulfill their corporate social responsibility towards the betterment of the environment.

Zenatix using its solution, Zenconnect, enables multiple businesses to cater to their NetZero goal. The more Zenatix saves energy, the lesser emissions will be released. Zenconnect focuses to facilitate various infrastructure types by a multifunctional approach like:

  • Constant energy consumption monitoring
  • Maintaining the health of assets to allow them to work efficiently
  • Predicts maintenance requirements to prevent unnecessary consumption of energy
  • Schedule and Sensor-based automated control to consume energy just as much is required
  • AI/ML-based algorithms to get comprehensive statistics ensuring visibility

Now is the time for action!

We are referred to as the last generation that can prevent irreparable damage to our planet. We have realized the magnitude of saving resources and consuming minimal power, and there’s also a solution ready to achieve the goal; the only need is to actively implement it. Without any further delay (since we cannot afford any), reach out to Zenatix Solutions to turn your business infrastructure into eco-friendly and sustainable structures.

Keep up with the latest IoT-based building automation, and follow us on LinkedIn!

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