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HVAC systems consume around 30-40% of energy in buildings. If these critical systems don’t function properly, it can lead to further energy wastage. That’s why conducting fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) of the building systems is necessary. It can optimize the performance of HVAC systems and other equipment reducing the overall energy consumption of a building by 5-10%.

Detailed insights into fault diagnosis and detection 

Fault diagnosis and detection (FDD) is considered one of the most powerful tools that help to minimize energy wastage and building operational costs. When FDD is integrated with energy analytics, HVAC systems or other building systems work at their best level. 

Machine learning (ML) based fault detection helps to proactively identify issues in a building system, allowing facility managers to take action before occupant complaints, equipment fails, or energy is wasted. Industries aiming to lower their energy bills, ensure the prolonged life of the equipment, and improve occupants’ comfort must look forward to implementing this technology! 

Applying fault detection and diagnosis in buildings 

The reliance on FDD in buildings is increasingly rising. It comes with sophisticated capabilities that offer an improvement over manual inspection. If implemented correctly, it levels up the performance of the building management system (BMS) to continuously collect, organize, and analyze data from all connected building equipment and devices. 

Since FDD uses machine learning algorithms to identify variations that indicate a problem, it takes a series of interrelated data points to make steps toward root-cause analysis of the assets. There is no longer a need to conduct manual checks on an arbitrary schedule. 

Instead of handling unplanned asset downtime, facility managers can detect issues in early stage and ensure smooth operation all year round. They don’t have to start from scratch to identify a problem in any asset. FDD also helps in conducting predictive maintenance of the equipment and strategic allocation of resources.  

Save your building money with fault diagnosis and detection 

Fault diagnosis and detection have a lot to offer in terms of the operational efficiency of an asset, solution recommendation, problem identification, etc. Let’s have a detailed look at its benefits: 

  • Restricting false alarms 

Building management systems (BMS) often fail to identify the discrepancies taking place in a complex building network. As a result, it triggers unwanted alarms that can actually delay the identification of the main point of failure. 

FDD solves this issue by aggregating real-time and historical data to provide context to alarms and suggest effective solutions. It uses machine learning capabilities for fault detection and limits false alarms. This also helps in preventing premature upgrades or equipment replacement. 

  • Predictive equipment maintenance 

Fault diagnosis and detection provide enough opportunities for predictive maintenance of the equipment. It predicts equipment failures before they turn big. Instead of analyzing what has happened, it tells you what is likely to happen in critical equipment.

  • Improve energy efficiency 

HVAC, lighting, cooling, and other systems consume a massive amount of energy in buildings. The energy consumption rate is even higher in commercial or public buildings. Fault detection and diagnosis identify energy consumption patterns, detect anomalies, and provide detailed insights about suboptimal equipment performance. Based on the collected information, facility managers can take responsive actions to optimize efficiency and reduce energy consumption. 

Ensure optimal equipment maintenance with Zenatix’s FDD solutions! 

With the growing deployment of HVAC systems and other critical equipment in buildings, it’s crucial for industries to implement smart solutions to ensure energy savings. IoT-based FDD solutions decrease reliance on manual intervention and help you get more out of existing preventive maintenance plans.

Zenatix is a leading IoT solution provider that offers state-of-the-art FDD capabilities for effective equipment maintenance. Coming with powerful predictive capabilities, these powerful solutions allow facility managers to isolate the cause of problems even in complex systems of equipment, sensors, and devices. It simplifies building maintenance, makes equipment maintenance visits more valuable, and reduces immediate and long-term operational costs.

If you want to ensure the optimal operation of assets and detect equipment anomalies on time, Zenatix FDD solutions can help you achieve this goal! Get in touch with us today to know further about our IoT solutions. 

Keep up with the latest IoT-based building automation, and follow us on LinkedIn!

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