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The rising energy consumption in buildings is alarming! International energy outlook EIA projects that residential electricity consumption will increase nearly twice as quickly as total residential sector energy use from 2015 to 2040. It has also stated that total delivered commercial sector energy consumption in India will rise by an average of 3.4% every year- again, the fastest growth rate among IEO regions. How to track the energy consumption and stop the unnecessary use of energy in facilities? Well, energy analytics is the answer!

Businesses are on their way to cutting operational costs by taking a renewed stance and energy savings to be a part of a larger plan. How? By investing in the technology that ensures green, intelligent, optimized, cost-effective, and occupant safe business and building facilities in the long run.

According to the recent Accenture study, businesses from various industries are making use of data analytics to get relevant insights and resolve their business challenges. It also predicts that energy providers will be mastering data analytics in the near future.

Why is energy data analytics crucial for effective energy management?

Whether it’s a residential or commercial building, ensuring the optimal occupant’s comfort with appropriate temperature and humidity levels through efficient energy consumption matters! It eases the burden of businesses in ensuring sustainable results in the future. What is the role of energy data analytics in ensuring effective energy management in facilities? It means everything for the businesses as it enables them to optimally use energy and resources, increases their bottom line, cuts down unnecessary energy consumption costs, and helps them build a smart building!

The role of the facility managers today is not just restricted to using eco-friendly devices. Since energy consumption is rapidly rising, they are facing pressure to ensure environmentally friendly, high-performance buildings that are efficient and sustainable. It requires technically advanced solutions that can maximize the operational efficiency of the building and collects all its relevant data that help facility managers to achieve the desired goal.

Energy data analytics is crucial for the businesses

 Energy data analytics has become an indispensable part of every business today. With the growing application of advanced IoT technologies in facilities, businesses have an added advantage in data collection and analysis of energy consumption. It comes with state-of-the-art sensors and meters that gather all the relevant data on energy consumption in buildings, floors, rooms, devices, and across time duration. It allows managers to optimize the building operations for efficient energy consumption! How? With the help of energy data analytics, the users get insights into the energy and equipment consumption, identify faults, conduct root cause analysis, and leverage opportunities for improvement based on cost, comfort, and maintenance impact.

If any operational discrepancy arises in any equipment, facility managers will get immediate alerts to take the required action. As a result, they are able to eliminate costly short-notice or out-of-hours equipment replacement, failure, and downtime. How does it benefit the businesses? They can ensure more reliable operations, lower equipment repair and replacement costs, and optimal occupant’s comfort. It is the power of energy analytics!

How do businesses make use of energy analytics for better results?

When businesses have detailed information about the energy consumption in buildings, it becomes comparatively easier for them to optimize its usage and cut down the unnecessary electricity bills. Energy data analytics helps them with all this information. Not just this, it offers a lot more, the reason why most businesses are making use of it. Here’s understand how they leverage this advanced technology:

  1. Better transparency into how the building is consuming the energy

With the help of energy data analytics, businesses monitor and analyze the energy consumption in their buildings. At the same time, they can also discover the trends and detect the inefficient behaviors that allow them to make data-driven decisions for optimized results.

  1. Prevent energy theft

Energy theft is one of the major setbacks that businesses have to face. Though smart meters offer better tampering resistance, they are still not enough in providing all the relevant information about the final energy consumption. Energy data analytics goes one step ahead in gathering this vital data that helps businesses to overcome this setback. It enables them to detect the power thieves due to which they have to face massive losses.

Energy data analytics enable businesses to check monthly electricity consumption and detect the discrepancies that increase the chances of such fraud.

  1. Target energy efficiency programs effectively

Businesses should have a deeper understanding of energy consumption. If they don’t have reliable and sufficient energy data, they’ll not get the required clarity. By using energy data analytics, businesses get all the relevant insights into energy consumption. As a result, they can efficiently use energy and develop targeted energy efficiency programs for a sustainable future.

  1. Monitor the impact of the building operations on the environment

Businesses these days also have a responsibility towards society. They need to make sure that their operations are not creating negative externalities. Energy consumption has a deeper impact on the environment. Therefore, they need to evaluate their everyday energy usage and how it affects the environment. It’s crucial for them to ensure energy compliance. After all, it affects stakeholder relations and business longevity as well.

Energy data analytics enable businesses to monitor the impact of their building operations on the environment and how it affects the health and safety of the occupants. They can make sure that they are duly meeting the energy compliance protocols with this advanced technology.

  1. Ensure energy savings

It’s difficult to get engaged in energy savings programs without a proactive strategy and implementation of advanced technologies. Energy data analytics provides reliable and quantified information that helps businesses to create dynamic visualizations for better energy savings.

Businesses can proactively optimize and commission building operations by analyzing electricity consumption data across devices with the help of energy analytics. Want it for your business? Connect with Zenatix and implement this technology perfectly!

Keep up with the latest IoT-based building automation, and follow us on LinkedIn!

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