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The prospects for IoT innovation in the hotel industry have exploded as it becomes easier and more cost-effective to install and run IoT technology. Today, smart hotels are becoming more and more popular since the advantages of IoT solutions for hotels benefit not only the hotel operators but the guests, as well.

In hotels, IoT-connected devices can be used to provide a better guest experience as well as a more efficient hotel management system for employees and administrators. There are numerous opportunities to use automation solutions to improve overall operational efficiency in the hospitality industry. By deploying IoT-based automation solutions, the hotel owners and operators can benefit from increased efficiency, cost savings, and guest satisfaction, while the guests can also enjoy greater convenience and comfort.

The need for IoT to ensure customer comfort

One of the most difficult challenges for any hotel operator today is to provide their guests with a comfortable and safe indoor environment. When it comes to creating a comfortable and safe environment, optimal indoor temperature, relative humidity levels, and indoor air quality levels are frequently debated in the hotel industry. Because competition is fierce and customer experience is everything, the hotel industry has a very high standard to meet when it comes to the overall experience of customers who enter and exit their premises. The key things that are considered for better customer experience in a hotel are cleanliness, service, ambiance, and environmental quality – including the indoor environment of both the guest rooms, as well as the other common areas such as lobby, reception, etc.

Indoor air quality is critical in the hotel sector since bad indoor air can have a negative impact on both the guests, as well as the hotel staff. Besides poor air quality, high humidity and suboptimal temperature conditions such as over-cooling or over-heating are also some of the major and hidden contributors to a poor customer experience. It not only contributes to a poor internal ambiance but also is a major contributor to energy wastage, leading to high electricity bills. Therefore, it becomes more and more important for hotel operators to soon deploy IoT-based automation solutions to achieve its multi-fold benefits.

How can IoT help achieve enhanced customer comfort

The IoT-based automation and asset management solutions can help hotel operators increase customer comfort by 25% while saving up to 20% on energy. There are various IoT-based wireless sensors (such as temperature, humidity, AQI, etc.) and actuators that enable hotel operations to intelligently schedule and automate the operations of multiple assets along with a centralized cloud-based dashboard for remote asset management. The intelligent automation of assets is achieved using AI/ML-based algorithms designed to trigger certain actions whenever the sensors detect any event of a series of events such as suboptimal temperature, poor air quality & humidity levels, etc. along with time & occupancy-based scheduling of various assets.

Therefore, to conclude, we can say that by deploying IoT based automation solutions, the hotel operators can not only ensure an enhanced overall experience to their guests but also reduce their energy consumption by ~20%, along with achieving ~35% reduction in unforeseen asset breakdowns and food wastage. Click here to learn how IoT-based automation is tackling food wastage in hotels.

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