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Asset management is the most crucial aspect of businesses. Any negligence while managing assets can impact their performance. How to ensure this motive? Remote asset management is the solution! It helps businesses to collect and analyze information from devices and assets with an automated alert system and energy optimization. This digital technology plays a prominent role in remotely analyzing assets.

With the rise of technological advancement and uncontrollable events, adopting remote asset management seems to be a viable choice. It provides the following benefits:

  • Centralized monitoring – Web based dashboard to manage assets remotely
  • Predictive Maintenance & FDD – Predictive alerts to ensure higher equipment uptimeOperational Efficiency – Data driven automated workflows for efficient operations
  • Extensive backup monitoring – Single window view of critical assets across distributed assets
  • Compliance – Temperature, Humidity & Other parameters monitoring
  • Safety & Risk Management – Safety/Risk alerts based on earthing, current/voltage, & phase imbalance

What’s the end result? Businesses will be able to save money and improve overall efficiency. Unfortunately, there are some users who still doubt the capacity of remote monitoring IoT systems. It’s time that they must focus on implementing this smart technology to yield optimal asset performance with minimal investment.

The rise of remote asset monitoring

The present scenario of the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the vitality of centralized asset management. It offers full transparency into the building systems and the power to remotely manage assets that create unique avenues for businesses.

The millennials are disrupting the traditional methods of business operation. They thrive on new challenges and adopt progressive technologies that can help them sort the anomalies of building operations. By remotely monitoring the assets, they can ease their load of constant check-ups of critical equipment and overcome the risk of asset failure at unprecedented times.

Digital asset management bridges the gap in building operations in small, medium, and even large enterprises alike. As a result, facility managers can identify the problem in assets and increase their productivity. It enables businesses to increase return on investment (ROI) and reduce equipment maintenance expenses, the reason why more and more users are looking forward to leveraging remote asset management.

Why is digital asset management crucial for remote maintenance workers?

It’s practically impossible to manually manage every asset of the building. There are chances of human errors that can create discrepancies in asset functioning or even unplanned breakdown. That’s where dedicated and technologically advanced remote asset management comes into play. It saves staff from committing these mistakes by setting up a system that remotely monitors and manages the building assets hassle-free. There is no need to visit the site just to make sure that the assets are working as per standard protocols or not.

The automation provided by remote asset monitoring technology and IoT tracking sensors do wonders for remote maintenance workers! It makes the entire process seamless by providing accurate location of assets, enhancing security, and improving uptime. Not just this, it has much more to offer in terms of:

1. Real-time monitoring and alerts for effective asset management

If a normal glitch in assets goes undetected, it will deliver unproductive results that will waste unnecessary time, effort, and resources. IoT-based digital asset management comes with tracking sensors that can detect the potential problems going on in an asset. Based on the collected information, facility managers can fix the problems before they turn massive.

2. Drives automation in the building systems

The productivity of the staff goes higher when they can identify the asset problems and know the root cause behind them. Remotely monitoring the assets helps them in automating the tasks including:

  • DG Set Utilization Monitoring
  • EB meter remote reading
  • UPS health monitoring
  • Preventive maintenance of ACs
  • Preventive maintenance of water leakage detection/smoke detection
  • Employee comfort level
  • Rack temperature monitoring
  • Maintenance & monitoring of earth pit

3. Reporting and analytics for proactive decision making

Remote monitoring of assets is not enough. It’s also necessary to analyze its performance and get valuable insights into the operation. IoT-based sensors come with an analytical report for the same that helps the staff to get all the latest insights for informed decision-making.

The powerful remote monitoring IoT systems offer new opportunities for growth to businesses by adding to their operational efficiency and comfort.

Add value to your business with a reliable remote monitoring platform

Automated asset management can resolve potential problems and eliminate ghost assets from organizations. At the same time, it’s also helpful in the efficient auditing process. Getting a real-time update on asset functioning becomes way easier with this advanced technology. Based on the information, managers can change work priority according to the situation.

Looking for a proactive asset remote monitoring solution? ZenConnect is an enterprise cloud-based IoT solution that helps in remote asset management, increasing asset efficiency and its lifespan, equipment uptime, reducing maintenance cost and ensuring the health & safety of the equipment.


With our advanced remote monitoring IoT systems, you can make the most out of your processes in a digital world. Add value to your business, expand operations seamlessly, and ensure optimal performance of assets with our IoT solutions. Reach out to us today to know more!

Keep up with the latest IoT-based building automation, and follow us on LinkedIn!

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