Case Study: Warehouses

Learn how one of the largest and most comprehensive Information Management companies having multiple warehouses spread pan India achieved its sustainability goals and comfortable customer experience using ZenConnect

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About The Customer

3,000+ Customers

25+ Warehouses

12 Mn+ Sq Ft Storage Area

300+ Locations Pan India

Challenges Faced

  • Lack of temperature and humidity compliance leading to lower shelf life of stored documents
  • Lighting and exhaust systems are running out of operational hours, resulting in energy waste
  • Unpredictable breakdowns due to a lack of visibility into asset health and predictive maintenance
  • Lack of centralized visibility into energy consumption & sub-optimal operation of assets

Benefits Delivered

Energy Efficiency

11% Improvement in Energy Efficiency

Safety of Goods

22% Increase in safety of goods

Equipment Uptime

16% Reduction in Asset Breakdowns

Centralized Visibility

Centralized visibility of assets & their
operations across multiple outlets

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