Case Study: Quick Service Restaurant

Major Quick service restaurant chain achieved a 30% improvement in Food safety compliance and reduced energy consumption up to 10%

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About The Customer

1300+ Outlets in India

Rs.120 Cr+ Annual Electricity Expenses

Present in 250+ Indian Cities

Avg store Size 1400 sq. ft

Challenges Faced

  • Lack of visibility into energy consumption leading to huge energy bills
  • Frequent food wastage due to lack of optimal food safety compliances
  • Lack of visibility into asset health & predictive maintenance leading to unpredictable breakdowns
  • Lack of visibility into comfort compliances like temperature, humidity, etc.
  • Lack of visibility into low power factors and current imbalances, leading to safety hazards

Benefits Delivered

Energy Efficiency

20% Improvement in Energy Efficiency

Customer Comfort

23% Improved Customer Comfort

Reduced Food Spoilage

30% Reduction in Food Spoilage

Centralized Visibility

Centralized visibility of assets & their
operations across multiple outlets

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