Control your building's HVAC to avoid the spread of COVID


Designed to make buildings safer and smarter

Follows ISHRAE's HVAC guidelines

Web based dashboard for centralised monitoring

Robust and scalable platform


Features & Benefits

Compliance with ISHRAE's guidelines

It ensures compliance with ISHRAE's guildeines for HVAC control maintaining temperature, humidity, fresh air flow & exhaust operation.

Intelligent controls

HVAC settings are controlled intelligently based on feedback from the smart sensors installed across the building.

AI/ ML based fault detection

Advanced AI/ ML based algorithms detect faults and generate a ticket in the system to avoid downtime and save on breakdown costs.

Cloud based platform

Web based dashboards provide on-demand reports and quick & hassle-free configurability from anywhere in the world


Frequently Asked Questions

When an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks, small particles (less than 5 microns) stay airborne for hours. These particles may get transported through HVAC.

ISHRAE has recommended maintaining 24°- 30°C temperature and 40%-70% relative humidity in the building while ensuring minimum re-circulation of air. Detailed guidelines are available here.

ZenShield monitors the temperature and humidity levels in real time. It also controls the Chilled water valves, Variable frequency drives (VFDs), Fresh air (FA) units and Exhausts to meet ISHRAE’s guidelines

Yes, the threshold values can be changed as the guidelines are updated. These changes can be made remotely.

As understanding of the virus evolves, the guidelines to mitigate the risk of virus spread may also evolve. Cloud connectivity provides all configurability and accessibility anywhere for seamless implementation.

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