COVID ready contactless, employee safety, attendance and access control solution for your workplace


Face recognition based attendance & access control

Body temperature screening

Mask wearing compliance check

Cloud connected solution. APIs available


Features & Benefits

AI based face detection

Advanced deep learning algorithms stored locally detect faces for authentication intelligently.

Highly efficient and fast

The system can do face recognition and mask compliance at a distance of 0.3m to 1m in less than 500 ms.

Accurate temperature measurement

Non-contact Infrared thermal imaging technology records body temperature without any human intervention to ensure accurate measurements.

Auditable logs and reports

Detailed reports available on demand for attendance, entry denials along with reasons, recorded temperatures etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

ZenSafe recognizes the faces of occupants by comparing them with the pre-loaded images locally on the device and allows access on successful authentication.

Yes, ZenSafe has inbuilt AI based liveness detection. It will not allow a photograph or video of a person to pass through.

The device can function accurately in ambient temperatures ranging from -20 deg C to +65 deg C

By using IR based technology, Zensafe measures temperature from the user’s forehead

The device has Ethernet based network connectivity. Ethernet port is available on an extended cable for flexible installation.

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