On the go body temperature monitoring solution for your large field force with real-time alerts and dashboard on-cloud.


Web-based dashboard for central monitoring

Mobile app that gathers data from the device

Tracks and Alerts if the user has a fever

Robust and scalable platform


Features & Benefits

BLE connectivity

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) will communicate with the companion mobile application which then publishes the data to the cloud using wifi or cellular.

Cloud Based Platform

Data aggregated on the cloud is made available in the form of web-based dashboards for the end-users. It can be accessed from a remote location.

Compliance metrics and reports

ZenMonitor provides access to auditable reports and logs on-demand to ensure compliances.

Temperature Alerts

Alerts are generated when the user’s body temperature shows deviation from the defined ideal temperature range.


Frequently Asked Questions

The device has a sensor that measures the user’s body temperature and relays it to the companion mobile application (Android only) over Bluetooth. The user can see their last reading and some plots on the mobile application locally. Data from multiple users can be seen on a web-based interface connected to Zenatix cloud and can also be queried (for both live and historical readings)

ZenMonitor will sense the user’s body temperature every 15 minutes. Alerts are sent out when the temperature is out of permissible limits.

Besides body temperature, the battery status of the device for timely replacement will be collected.

In the case of fever-related symptoms, alerts will be sent out. The organization will be able to guide the respective user for appropriate medical treatment and prevent the spread of infection amongst employees.

High temperature is the most common and easily detectable symptom to determine if a person is infected with COVID-19.

You can let the users of your mobile application know the most recent temperature value which will give them more comfort than self-reported or once a day captured values. For this, Zenatix will provide an API that will publish the most recent temperature readings to your platform which can then be integrated into your technology stack.

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