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The Zenatix Raspberry Pi Gateway is a marvel in itself and is perfect for:

• Clients who have already figured out the rest of their end-to-end IoT stack
• Standard DIY Raspberry Pi users looking to upgrade to an industrial grade gateway that offers more reliability and additional features
• Commercial solutions based on Raspberry Pi aiming to achieve hardware reliability at scale ( application can be ported in less than a day with all the drivers provided in open source by Zenatix).

Gateway + Cloud-Based Device Management

This is a great solution for clients that want to keep focus on their own application and IoT offering, instead of having to concern themselves with the remote management of their thousands and millions of devices deployed in the field. All they have to do is buy our gateway along with the associated device management stack and run their own edge application as a container in the edge communicating with their own cloud – and Zenatix will take care of and manage all the rest of it:
• CI/CD for application across all the field gateways
• Remote command execution and configuration management
• Health monitoring (CPU usage, bandwidth consumption etc.) along with ticketing system.

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