Connected Milk Chilling Units

Connected Cold Rooms


Converts your device into a connected device in a matter of a few weeks.

Off-the-shelf wireless sensors can be integrated into the solution to perform sensor-based control

APIs are available (from both the edge gateway and the cloud) to integrate with third-party solutions

Affordable connectivity, thanks to complete end-to-end stack developed by Zenatix using only open source technology and no proprietary services

Gateway can be extended to monitor/control at group level.

Mobile/laptop based application supports easy configuration and deployment

Local control at the module/gateway level even when devices are offline.

Web-based scheduling of individual/group of devices possible.

Solution Components

Wireless Gateway

Low Power Wireless Module

(for multi-device connected solution with gateway for cloud connectivity)

WiFi based Wireless Module

(for single device connected solutions directly connecting with the cloud)

UART/Modbus based Wireless Cards

(for quick prototyping and proof of concept)

Dashboard for the end user

Multi-hop wireless mesh

Dashboard for the OEM

(to manage their deployed hardware)

Deployment and Configuration
Application for the OEM