Street Lighting

Commercial Lighting

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Each node responsible for both local luminaire control and for routing messages from neighbouring nodes.

Gateway can be extended to provide feeder level monitoring and control can be integrated together with luminaire level wireless connectivity.

Mobile/laptop based application to support easy configuration and deployment.

Local sensors can be integrated in the control node to perform motion/luminosity based control

Web based scheduling of individual/group of lights resulting in energy savings.

Sensors can be integrated at a single point in the mesh based on which all/group of lights can be controlled

APIs available (from the edge gateway as well as from the cloud) to integrate with third party smart city solutions.

Solution Components

LED Control Card

(Ideal for LED light manufacturers)

Wireless Module

(Ideal for Driver Manufacturers)

Wireless gateway

Deployment and configuration application for the OEM

Multi-hop wireless mesh

Dashboard for the OEM

(to manage their deployed hardware)

Dashboard for the end user