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Operations Engineer

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Successful candidate will be single handedly responsible for

  1. Entire project starting from site survey to supervising installation (deployment of Energy Meters, Contactor Switches, Temperature Sensors, Relays, etc.) to commissioning to troubleshooting.
  2. Basic onsite/offsite troubleshooting – on the job training will be provided
  3. Arranging work force to get minor work done at the installation site on regular basis.

Qualifications and Experience:

  1. Bachelors’ degree in electrical engineering from a good college
  2. Minimum 1-3 years of relevant work experience


  1. Good communication skills – both internal and external communication will be required
  2. Good analytics skills
  3. Basic knowledge of tools like MS-Office,  Linux etc.

Power Factor: The silent killer

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Have you ever looked at your electricity bill and wondered why you are being charged for more than your consumption? This problem is often faced by industrial consumers, who are billed on kVAh supplied instead of kWh consumed. Let us first try to understand what these terms mean and what role does power factor play in your electricity consumption.

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Go Green This Earth Day with Zenatix

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Climate change is no more a thing of the future, it is no more about making the planet inhabitable for the future generations. It is happening right here, right this moment. Many of us discard the “theory” of climate change pointing towards the extra snowy winters in their towns. A simple explanation to that is that as temperatures rise, more water vapour is held in the atmosphere which leads to more intense rain and snow storms. Duration of cold weather decreases but the intensity can very well increase.

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