Built over an IoT stack, WattMan delivers SOP governance, quality of service and risk mitigation through automated and intelligent controls

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Automated Control

Implementation of rules for operating ACs and signages is a big challenge, WattMan delivers automated control of the various ACs and signages. The control is automatically triggered by rules, sensors or advanced analytics. Alternatively, with a simple tap on their mobile phones, our customers can switch on/off their devices anytime, from anywhere. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about ACs and signages operating at a time when they should not (e.g., at night or much before the scheduled start time).


Energy & Temperature Monitoring

No doubt that energy monitoring from a cost/environment standpoint, and temperature monitoring from a quality of service perspective are required. That too in real time, so that actions are be taken instantly. WattMan provides energy monitoring at a load level in real time, and ensures comfortable temperature within the facility through temperature monitoring. Real time alerts on deviations such as higher night load ensure optimal energy usage.


Benchmarking Across Outlets

One of the many problems faced by facilities managers managing multiple outlets is the variation in electricity spend across outlets. The variation could be because of difference in sizes of the outlets, different weather or the footfall at the outlets. Or it could be because of equipment or process inefficiency. Our advanced analytics normalizes the energy consumption across outlets, accounting for all such variables. The normalized data helps the facility managers address inefficiencies at outlets where the energy consumption is higher than the benchmark.


Automated Anomaly detection

WattMan’s advanced analytics on real time energy consumption data identifies anomaly from the “normal”. The anomaly could be because the appliance(e.g., AC) is not working properly and thus requires servicing/repair. Or it could be because of a undesired manual intervention. Our analytics detects such anomalies and generates email/SMS alerts in real time so that appropriate action can be taken.

User Custom Settings

Vertical Specific Customizations

WattMan understands that one size does not fit all. Hence, it can be customized to fit your specific requirements pertaining to automation and monitoring. For instance, WattMan offers remote reboot of ATMs for banks and control of exhaust and fresh air units based on oven status for QSRs.

Applications of Wattman


Milk Booths


Quick Service Restaurants


Small Retail Stores


ATM Booths




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